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Hey Y'All. So I started writing this post yesterday. I published it and then half an hour later left it as a draft. Then I re-looked at it this morning, published it again and then deleted it. But I am continuing to write it now and damn it I don't want to be silent when it comes to everyday topics that affect us. See, I am a fashion blogger but I am also a human being. This is not the first time I have touched on everyday history that affects all of us. It is real life after all. As much as I like to keep things light and fun and usually focus on my style, what Vivian wears, what we do together, my work-wear, weekend updates, shopping wish lists and such, sometimes bad things happen - unfortunately a lot more often than we would like to - that are totally out of control. But I am one of those people that cannot ignore them. In lieu of a new outfit post today (I scrapped that off) I wanted to take a day off from style and take a minute to honor the victims of the latest terror…