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Vacation Outfits Part One.

Good morning and a happy new month and first Monday of August to you all. I cannot believe, more than half of the year has gone, already. I have been so behind this entire Summer reading and commenting on the blogs I love and to tell you the truth, I am not slowing down in August but I will do my best this week and this month to catch up with some of you. Thanks to those of you who stop by, read and comment my blog and linkup on Thursdays. Today I have a couple of Vacation Outfits to show you.

 This is the outfit I wore on the first evening we were in St. Joseph (July 3rd). The photos came out so bad, I apologize. I was messing with the camera but I don't know what I had pressed. The pictures were blurry and dark that evening, sorry. I selected the best of the bunch. I paired some Off-White Lace Shorts with an Aqua Floral Print Popover Chiffon Blouse and wore my Cobalt Blue Merona Sandals which matched my Cobalt Tassel Earrings, a few Bangles and my Hot Pink Crossbody Hobo Bag. It …