Friday, October 12, 2012

Baby Doll Cardigan in Baby Pink.

So I woke up today (not too early, not too late) determined to get a bunch of work done around the house. It was time my home needed a good sweeping and mopping. I have been meaning to do it since Monday but I have been so tired plus busy with work, and my feet were swollen a little again, so after a good night sleep, today was the day. 3 Hours later my house was pretty sparkly. I even organized my beauty mirror and finally put the baskets I bought to use, by putting all my makeup and my headbands in them. If I had a bigger bedroom and a bigger dresser (with mirror) I would have arranged them differently and made everything more visible, but this is down-town living in a large, Metropolitan city so I will take my little space and use it the best I can. I am still pretty happy with the results. =)

So my first thought after wearing this outfit was that I kind of looked like a babydoll. I love how you can pair this super-cute, adorable Baby Pink cropped cardigan with a long fitted tee or tank underneath and showcase my belly as the main accessory. And I must say, you can quite see the belly here. It's like magic tricks or something, sometimes you see it, sometimes you don't, sometimes you see it a little, sometimes you see it a lot. LOL When I purchased this cardigan I was not sure about it because it is not quite a shrug and with such a short length I thought I wouldn't be able to wear it so much. But even-though you haven't seen it on the blog, it has been quite versatile and I love love the intricate big, poplin roses sewn around the collar. Plus it was less than 50% off the original price. These leggings are also so comfortable. I am wearing one of my most favorite beaded glass jewelry sets. It is so pretty and it is hand-made. =)

Long, Stretchy, Comfortable, Heather Gray Tank Top: Melon.
Baby Pink, Rossette-Collared, 3/4-Sleeve, Cropped Cardigan: The Limited.
Indigo, Blue Jean Leggings w/ Zippers off the Sides: Miley&Max (Wal Mart).
Turquoise, Baby Pink and Clear, Glass-Beaded Necklace and Matching Stretchy Bracelet: Beadz & Bagz.
Gray, Thin, See-Through, Footie Nylons: A Random Nylons/Socks Store.
Baby Pink, Faux Python Loafers: Micci's Shoes.

P.S. Once again I am sporting Pink in honor of Breast Cancer AWearNess.

Friend Friday: Fads.

It's FBFF Time! I realize these questions (I have only found them, the last few months) are sort of old (from last year) but they are still relevant to blogging and I gladly would like to answer them, in particular today's topic: Fads.

Friend Friday: Fads.

1. Do you ever see a fad hit the stores and immediately dislike it?
Has that fad ever began to grow on you?
Yes, I believe it happens to all of us. I can give you a few examples. I remember when rompers came in full fashion about 3-4 summers ago. I didn't get all the hype. They looked uncomfortable and baby-like to me at first, like something someone under the age of 8 would wear. But then I tried my first jersey romper from Express and not only was it comfortable, it was also so cute on. Jeggings are another example. I love leggings and I love skinny pants but a clothing item between the two seemed uncomfortable, unflattering and reminded me a lot of the 80s. I do own a pair or two of jeggings now though I made sure they were made for a woman, not a teenager. There is a difference in fit and style between the two. There have been other fads I have disliked and still dislike. I don't like camisoles/tank tops with a bult-in bra unless I am sleeping in them or wear them around the house and if so I wear them freely and braless. And I have disliked and still hate those pants that are super loose and wide all over your crotch and your butt, like you have a diaper on. Really those are so ugly and look unflattering both on a hanger and on a body. =( They were all the hype this year and I saw so many girls wearing them this summer, but truly I only liked them maybe on 10% of them.

2. Has the popularity of a certain piece of clothing or line ever convinced you to try on something (or purchase something) you dislike?
It might have happened that I have bought something just because it was trendy. I cannot recall it now because as much as I like to stay IN and be stylish, I also know what I like and dislike, what looks good on me and what doesn't. So I usually do not fall victim to trends. Also, as far as a clothing line goes, Anthropologie is such a popular store and it is a store at least 20% of the bloggers swear by and shop often at. I have actually never set foot at a store, I have seen and admired their clothes on their website and from other bloggers but I could not justify their prices. Their cheapest tank or T-shirt type of top starts at 48 bucks and their tops or blouses can go up to like 160 bucks. Their dresses, their jewelry it's all too expensive for me and even if I could make more money and afford them, I would still choose a different, similar line(s) of clothes. Don't get me wrong, they have beautiful things. They are known for whimsical, fun, bohemian, cool and colorful pieces and unique styles but the end doesn't justify the means, for me. =) 

3. Have you ever changed your mind about a trend after seeing it around for a while?
This question is very similar to the first one so I don't want to sound repetitive. I prefer a classic piece over a trendy one, in general. I will wear them a lot longer after all and they will take my wardrobe, farther. =)

4. Do you feel a certain pressure to have specific items in your closet because 'everyone' else does?
Yes, I probably want a few pieces from Anthropologie because they are beautiful and because they are also so stylish from what I can see on other bloggers. I particularly love their cardigans and necklaces, so pretty, fun, colorful & unique. Another thing I want, probably in at least two colors (even) is the Very Famous, Popular Blogger Necklace from J.Crew that retailed for 150 bucks but that I have learned you can find it on EBay for one tenth of that price. I think the number one reason I want this necklace is because it truly is beautiful and unique, a statement piece for sure. It doesn't hurt that so many women have it, wear it often and love it. I can see endless possibilities of how to wear it. If I had to pick two colors I would go for the Turquoise one and the Coral one, though the Cobalt Blue and the Yellow one are gorgeous, too. I am not sure I can purchase it over EBay since I live in Albania. Someone can help me, where can I find this necklace for 15 bucks? Please let me know - I do appreciate it. (Below is a photo of it, if you are not sure what I am talking about:)

See, it truly is STUNNING. Love this color, I certainly do love this fabulous Statement Necklace. Make a mom-to-be REAL HAPPY and someone buy it for me and then I would pay you back, or you can sell me yours (purchased at an EBay price). Seriously. I would even accept it as a gift. =D

5. Be honest, what do you think of the Missoni line? Did you grab any items? Is it worth the eBay prices?
I don't know if I went to Target a day or two late after the Missoni line came out, but all I know is that at my Local Target there was very little left of it. There were a couple of tops left, but all were XL in size. There were a bunch of accessories left, such as a soap holder, a plastic toy, but nothing I had to have. There were also a pair of boots and a pair of pumps left, but they didn't fit my small feet because I would have been all over those two pairs of boots/shoes. I would have liked to have found one of the Sweater Dresses I saw on their website, a scarf or two, a cute belt I also saw from them and also the boots and pumps I had no luck with. Overall I thought the line was good, some of it was great. Probably a little overated but still cute. =)