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Watercolor Chiffon LWD.

I am always off on Tuesdays but I am always running late that day, that includes my blogging schedule. Between spending time with Vivian, cleaning, laundry, spending necessary time with Viv, catching up on The Bachelorette and watching the new episode of "Wentworth" that is uploaded online that same day, my schedule is full and cup runneth over. But here I am posting The Cutest Little Shirtdress. This Dress is adorable because it falls under both the Little White Dress category and the Floral Dress category. With this dress I am wrapping up the floral dress week and starting the LWD week - the last week of Dresses from a month of Dresses, June. My Sweet Vivian was too busy spending time on her toy computer so we couldn't take any photos together that day. She wanted to make sure I didn't leave without her, so she put her little chair right by my van lol. I snapped these photos before leaving to visit my brother who had invited us for dinner. He makes a mean steak. Th…