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Double Sweaters for Me and Neon Bright for Vivian. Plus an Announcement.

Hello & Happy Hump Day. Is it really middle of the week, already? I woke up after just few hours of sleep, because Vivian went to bed too late and woke up too early. I am tired and can really use a coffee (European style - Espresso) but a part of me just want to stay home with my PJs on. At times like these, an Espresso Machine or Coffee Maker would be necessary. I am willing to buy an American Coffee Maker but it is hard finding American Coffee here. I mean they do sell it but not everywhere. I think when Vivian takes her morning or early afternoon nap, I am about to do the same. Between my lack of sleep, the cold weather & gray skies - it is exactly what the doctor ordered. Fortunately, Vivian is feeling better. Thank you for caring.

Before I get on to today's Outfit I wanted to make a couple of Announcements. First off - 2 weeks ago on Tuesday November 5th I had the Lovely Ashley make an appearance on my blog. Unfortunately, some of you couldn't see the photos of her…