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Red, Black and Just Enough Leopard.

So instead of getting better it seems like my viruses/flu has gotten worse. Last night was brutal. I woke up several times due to my dry, bitter mouth. I slept with a glass of water next to my bedside and not even did I drink it all, I also drank more. Towards the morning I sliced up some mandarin oranges and every time my mouth dried up again, I took some pieces off it. It's a good thing I didn't have to be at work till 1.00 PM because I sort of slept in a little, since my night sleep was not good or long. And I was cold most night too, perhaps I was running a little fever.

Like I mentioned in a couple of posts from this month, I will try to wear more Red than usual this month, since Red and Black are my country's colors and on November 28th we celebrate 100 years of Independence. You should see how much Red & Black, the cities, especially the capital is decorated with! =D So for today's outfit I got on a real pretty red sweater (love this sweater), whose style al…