Monday, August 20, 2012

Kiwi Origami and Jacquard.

Hello All. Another week has gone by and before we know it August will leave room for September. Hopefully it leaves plenty of room for some rain and much lower temperatures, as well. The African Heat has returned to the Mediterranean countries this week. The temperatures will be 100-105 degrees all week (for the highest). Yikes! Or as I posted in my Facebook status, today: Extreme Heat + Pregnancy = One Hot Mess (literally)!! At least I still got my sense of humor LOL.

Today's outfit may make you crave Kiwi or Green Apples or both. Or perhaps a Corona with a Lime of course. ;-) I love the color, shape and neckline of this top. The ruffles are sort of an origami design. The skirt has a golden-green metallic leopard print in it. It is like a pretty & rich Jacquard. Unfortunately the skirt fit pretty tight around my growing belly so I won't be able to wear it anymore this year, as much as I think it is a great skirt for Fall. I kept the golden theme by wearing sparkly lucite peep-toe ballet flats. And of course my hair had to be in a ponytail due to the heat. I hope you like the results.

Kiwi, V-Neck Poplin Blouse w/ Origami Ruffled Neckline: The Limited.
Dark Green, Black & Gold, Metallic, Leopard-Print, Jacquard, Pencil Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT.
Black, Sparkly Globe Studs: Piazza Italia.
Bright Yellow & Olive Green, Peacock-Print Bangle: Forever 21.
Vintage-Looking, Dark Gold, Butterfly & Rhinestone Cocktail Ring (Right Hand): Parfois.
Sparkly Gold, Plastic, Peep-Toe Flats: Simple Shoes.
P.S. I am linking up today with the Fun & Sassy Patti for VISIBLE MONDAYS.