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White After Labor Day and Chambray.

Happy Tuesday you all! So that stupid rule "Do NOT Wear White AFTER Labor Day" throw it out of the window. I always have. Not only have I worn true, real, crisp, whiter than snow whites after Labor Day, but Winter White is one of my favorite colors to wear for the cold months, especially in Winter and around the Holidays. So when I found out that "White After Labor Day" was one of the prompts for "Create 28 Fall Looks" with Whitney, I was happy. As a matter of fact without even noticing I had already worn this Outfit with my White Lace Mini in late September. Come to think of it, it is White Bottoms like a White Dress, a White Skirt or White Jeans that are even more of a no-no for this stupid "No White After Labor Day" rule. As far as I am concerned they weren't thinking of white tees or white button-down shirts when writing that rule, because I don't think these two classic basic items have a season. So I paired my White Lace Mini Skirt…