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A Walk Down Memory Lane with My Husband.

I hope everyone had a great Father's Day and Dad's weekend! Ours was simple but perfect and if you follow me on Instagram (and you should =D) you may have seen snippets of it in my Instagram stories today. Also, earlier this week I shared a sweet and thoughtful post about my father. I too enjoyed pictures, posts and mini videos of your dads and husbands/partners for this special day.

This weekend was a little extra special for me personally, because Father's day fell on June 18th and June 19th is my wedding anniversary - the 12th year for us. It seems like ages ago when my love Piro and I got married but at the same time it feels like it has only been a few weeks. Our lives have been a roller-coaster of living, working and sharing our lives in two continents between USA (Michigan) and Europe (Albania). Unfortunately, my husband and I are not in the same country during this special two days which makes this June celebrations bittersweet for the two of us. However myself and …