Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Pretty Tulip Blouse.

Sometimes - in my case at least 2-3 times a week, usually - we wear a cute outfit but have no time to take pictures of it, at least nice photos that do justice to the outfit. The day I wore this outfit was exactly a month ago. I wore it to work and to dinner afterwards, but I was in a rush to get my camera out and take (proper) photos. Plus taking pics outside wasn't an option since it was under 20 degrees. Therefore, I took these selfies with my phone and I decided to do an outfit blog post because though it is hard to tell, this is a super cute outfit with complimentary colors. I am wearing a Dark Teal Faux Suede Mini Skirt with pockets (by Loft) and I tucked in this Pretty Navy Chiffon Tulip-Print Blouse (by Ann Taylor). On the bottom I have on Thick Textured Black Tights (by Loft) and my Grey Wedge Oxford Booties are (by Target). My booties are also in a faux suede and I love the textures I have going on in this outfit between both suede-s, the chiffon of the blouse and the texture of the tights. My makeup was on point that day too. I got on a Bright Fuchsia Lipstick and these Fun Dangly Green Stone Earrings. They would be perfect for Saint Patrick's Day, no?! This outfit is worth repeating and taking proper photos of, but until then I hope you like this post and in the widget below I have similar pieces you can re-create this look with. =) Happy Hump Day!!