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Pretty Tulip Blouse.

Sometimes - in my case at least 2-3 times a week, usually - we wear a cute outfit but have no time to take pictures of it, at least nice photos that do justice to the outfit. The day I wore this outfit was exactly a month ago. I wore it to work and to dinner afterwards, but I was in a rush to get my camera out and take (proper) photos. Plus taking pics outside wasn't an option since it was under 20 degrees. Therefore, I took these selfies with my phone and I decided to do an outfit blog post because though it is hard to tell, this is a super cute outfit with complimentary colors. I am wearing a Dark Teal Faux Suede Mini Skirt with pockets (by Loft) and I tucked in this Pretty Navy Chiffon Tulip-Print Blouse (by Ann Taylor). On the bottom I have on Thick Textured Black Tights (by Loft) and my Grey Wedge Oxford Booties are (by Target). My booties are also in a faux suede and I love the textures I have going on in this outfit between both suede-s, the chiffon of the blouse and the te…