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Little Black Swing Dress for Work and a New Way to Tie a Silk Scarf.

LITTLE  BLACK  SWING  DRESS  FOR  WORK  AND  A  NEW  WAY  TO  TIE  A  SILK  SCARF. Let's face it: there is nothing special about this little black dress. It is definitely a comfortable dress, breezy, 100% cotton, swing style. Simple style, versatile, classic yet modern. You can practically wear it for all occasions and all seasons, depending on how you style it. You can do sneakers, wedges, booties, knee-high boots, pumps, mules with heels (like I did today), wedge sneakers, flats, loafers, flat mules, open toe booties, sandals, laceup shoes, etc, etc. You can layer a tee underneath or do a blazer, cropped cardigan, regular cardigan, long cardigan, oversized cardigan, utility jacket, sweater vest, blazer, jacket or moto jacket on top. Depending on the weather, you can even do leggings or tights underneath it. And since it is a black canvas, you can wear any color with it. I picked up this dress this Summer from Loft when all of their knit/cotton dresses were $15 one day on promo. I…