Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pencil Skirt and a Wool Coat.

Welcome on this second Thursday. How are you? Odds are it is decently warm in your parts of the world, right? As you will see from today's post which features an Outfit I am currently wearing, that is not the case here. It is Sprinter: Spring+Winter = Sprinter. Yep, I made up this combo of words (thus creating a new season lol), because the calendar says Spring but Mother Nature is stuck on Winter. Therefore you get a Pencil Skirt but worn with Tights (at least they are sheer, no more fleece-lined or opaque thick tights) and a Coat. Yep a Warm Winter Coat.
So, here goes my Blush Pencil Skirt (love the 2 Asymmetric Stripes in Navy, they are actually Pleats) paired with a Pink Flower Cardigan, because it is "Flaunt your Florals Day" for Create 28, so  just like yesterday I am showing another Floral Sweater. I happen to love this Cardigan and all my Cardigans from White House Black Market, actually. They are all so pretty and unique. Go get one or a few for yourselves! By the way, you see a sneak peak of a White Tank Top I am wearing underneath the Cardi. As if the Huge Pink Flowers on my Cardigan weren't enough, the Tiered Beaded Necklace I am wearing has Magenta Roses on the Blush-Colored Beads. That is coordinating guys, no!? But let's address the coat for a minute. I am wearing a Wool Coat on April 9th (and a Wool Blanket Scarf too, for that matter). Not a full coat or a heavy one but a wool coat nevertheless. Come on Spring, don't tease us with a lukewarm sun! You will notice a change of Shoes too. For my commute to and from work I am wearing the Blush Moccasins and keeping my feet comfy during office hours, under my desk, also. I wore the Nude Pumps for a morning meeting, however. Either pair of Shoe pairs perfectly with the Blush Skirt and I did add some Baby Pink/Blush 360 Bubble Studs also. What do you think of this Outfit for office hours? The item from the Top 10 Challenge is the Skirt.
Black Rope Bracelet w/ Smoke Stone & 2 small Crystal Stones off the side: White House Black Market (similar, best deal), (similar w/ pave purple fireball, great deal, love this), (gorgeous nautical option, Splurge).

P.S. I am linking up with Elle and Jacqueline because the Spotlight Weekly today is Favorite Skirts and this is a Current Favorite, that is why I chose it for the Top 10 Remix. And like I mentioned I am linking up with Whitney and Carrie for Florals Day on their Create 28 Challenge and next up is Scarves and this outfit does feature a Scarf also, however I will show you guys another Scarf Look soon and another way I have worn this same Skirt with a Scarf as part of the main Outfit (not as outerwear). I promise I will have on some lighter colors on the next post too, so stay tuned tomorrow for the first Installment of the Budget Babes where myself and 2 other Bloggers show you some super inexpensive head-to-toe looks.

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