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Thursday Moda #8 and Festival-Inspired.

Welcome to Thursday Moda #8. I cannot believe it has been almost two full months since I started this linkup and it has been going quite well so far, with over 80 entries since the second week, which is nice. Thank you to all of you who have linked up in the past and continue to do so. 
I am so happy I am in much more Spring-like wear today as compared to last Thursday. I gladly traded a Wool Beanie for a Fedora, a Warm Fur Shearling Vest for a Light Utility Jacket, a Long-Sleeve Sweater Dress layered with a Fur Snood with a Light Linen Sleeveless Dress layered with a Necklace and Thick Tights for Bare Legs. And then I saw my outfit (from today) and it didn't hit me until later that it is totally festival-inspired which is so suitable since Coachella is happening this month and I think this outfit is so proper for Coachella, don't you think? I mentioned just a couple of days ago my love for Old Navy's Spring 2016 line and I mentioned how I had bought a lot of new pieces fro…

Mommy and Daughter in Pastels and lots of Sun.

Happy Hump Day You All! Truth is I don't own a lot of Graphic Tees (what kind of blogger am I? LOL). And most of the ones I own have some type of art graphic not words on them. I was so happy to purchase this lovely graphic tee a couple of weeks ago at JC Penney. The message itself "I Need Retail Therapy" is exactly me in a nutshell. Plus the T-Shirt is in Rose Quartz (Blush) on of the biggest colors of the year, I couldn't resist. And the material is the softest cotton. It is from JC Penney from their Belle+Sky line which I recently discovered. They have very cute and on trend, fashionable and well-made clothes. The T-Shirt was a little pricey at about 36 bucks but with a 40% sale and a little 15% coupon on top, I had to get it. I paired it with my new Striped Skirt. This Midi Pencil Beauty is by Vince Camuto. I purchased mine a couple of months ago at Nordstrom and cannot find it online but Vince Camuto has a very similar skirt currently which I also love. I love th…