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Thursday Moda #80: Navy Embroidered Dress for Fall.

I cannot believe today marks the 80th Thursday Moda linkup for me and it has been strongly going for over a year and a half now. Anyway, when wearing this Navy Embroidered Dress I did celebrate with a glass of rosé, the very same day I actually wore this pretty dress in real life (which was this past Sunday). Before Summer is completely over and while it still gets dark later, I am trying to use up my free afternoons as much as possible by visiting quaint little towns or beautiful down-towns and I did just that on Sunday afternoon. You might have even seen a peak of this dress and me sipping my rosé on my Insta Stories - please do follow to see what I am up to on the daily.
My Navy Embroidered Dress is a Cotton Knit (like a thick jersey) and I think the semi-thick material, 3/4-sleeves and knee-length style makes it perfect for Fall. I purchased it a few weeks ago when Loft had them for $19.88, but with some coupons and other discounts it came down to 14 bucks so I purchased…