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Friend Friday: Outfit Formula.

Friend Friday: Outfit Formulas.

1. What’s your go-to outfit formula?
I don't have an outfit formula. But there are many items I love that I wear often. To better describe this, I will explain it by seasons. In Spring you will find me in a lot of skirts mostly worn with button-down shirts or with a cute top/shell, layered over with a cardigan, paired with either pumps, peep-toes or ballet flats. I also wear long-sleeve dresses, sheaths and light sweater dresses. In Summer - really anything goes. Since I adore skirts and dresses, you will rarely see me in pants. So for work it's mostly skirts and dresses and for fun I wear a lot of shorts, rompers, jumpers and sometimes capri pants. In Fall my favorite look would be to sport Skinny Jeans tucked into Boots with a sweater, a tunic or another longer top. Sometimes I swap my boots for loafers or mocassins. In Winter my-go-to-outfit is either thick leggings or skinny pants/jeans tucked into boots layered up with a sweater and a top und…

A Designer Sheath.

I love a nice, sophisticated sheath so much. They make great dresses for work. Even better if such a dress is 100% soft silk, has cute embellishing and is from a French Designer. I am not sure how many collections ago this sheath is from and to tell you the truth I don't care from how long ago, since it is a timeless, classic style. I bought it brand-new, at a boutique (not thrifted) and scored on it. It is maybe a tiny bit big on me but I think it is made to look a little on the loose side. I also own a blouse and a scarf from this very same French Designer. I would probably wear pumps with this and I started the day wearing new nude pumps, but they hurt and blistered my feet so bad, so off they had to go. It's a good thing that day I had these Mocassins stashed in a closet at my office. They still look kind of cute with this fancy dress which has a necklace-like embellished neckline as well as embellished shoulders. Wishing you all a Lovely Friday. Aren't you Happy the W…