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Family Time: Watching Movies together.

I have been meaning to do more life+style posts around here and I will do more. Today I have a fun post for you all. It is all about family movie time with your little ones. As you all know I have a 4.5 year old girl named Vivian. A couple of weeks ago she started pre-school too. Because she wakes up between 7.15-7.30 each morning, it is important for her to go to bed early, say 9.30 PM at the very latest. Because of that too and the fact that we make it home around 5.00 or 5.15 after I pick her up from pre-school, evening time feels short and is indeed pretty short.

When we get home, we usually eat, call it a late lunch for me or early dinner, whatever. Vivian is a very picky eater and a little eater at that. She eats very little in school to be honest so she comes home very hungry and usually eats all of her dinner (knock on wood). After that, she likes to watch some of her favorite TV shows or movies. Lately, I have been watching some of these with her. Instead of letting her watch…