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Thursday Moda #12 and a Little Black Dress (or two).

Cute title hmm? "A Little Black Dress (or two)". Well, I am only styling one LBD today but my co-host also has on an LBD so that makes two total. Anyway, happy Thursday and welcome to Thursday Moda #12. I cannot believe it has been almost three months since I started this linkup... and it has grown so much since that first week. Over 100 entries last week, too. Thank you to everyone who links up regularly and to the newcomers, too. Thank you for making Thursdays a great day here at Elegance and Mommyhood.
I bought this dress at Banana Republic almost 3 months ago and I am finally wearing it. Shame on me. I love the silhouette of it and how it looks like a pencil skirt and a v-neck blouse tucked in it. But this is indeed a one-piece dress in a sheath form. The bottom part is this abstract black+white (looks like gray) satiny pattern while the top front is black leather. The back top part is also in solid black but in a comfortable ponte material. I paired my dress with a coupl…

Graduation-Inspired Outfits and Tips.

Graduation season is upon us. Last time I attended a graduation was this January. However, it has been way too long for a Spring/Summer Graduation. My first cousin's son (my nephew) will graduate high school in 3 years, rather than that I don't know of anyone graduating anytime soon. But as a style blogger and as someone who loves fashion and can hardly resist a fashion challenge, I wanted to put together this post of past looks I have worn (only one of which has been worn to a graduation), that I think are very suitable for graduations. This post was inspired by the ladies of The Blended Blog who do a themed linkup each week and this week's theme is graduations. So, I am linking up with them, naturally.
Here are some tips and suggestions I have for what to wear to a Graduation Ceremony and/or Graduation Party.
- Wear a Dress or Skirt: I think even a Romper or a Jumper is fine, as long as you dress them up a little bit. Rompers and Jumpsuits are so IN this year so go ahead a…