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Houndstooth Leggings and 2 Sweaters - Same Silhouette.

The sun came out yesterday & it got warm, actually hot. But today it is Chilly, rainy, with dropping temperatures and thunderstorms. So it is back to Leggings & Sweaters for me. I even wore a Jacket, today. So, I was only going to post the second outfit you see here (worn today) but as I was digging into my computer and saw several outfits that have not been posted on the blog from the last 2-3 months, I saw this first outfit too, which is about 2 and a half months old. My, how Vivian has grown from then! I decided to post the one with the Red Sweater too, because the 2 outfits are accidentally almost identical. What is not a fun coincidence is how the weather is just as cool if not colder today on May 30th (it is practically June) as it was in the middle of March. Yes, I wear Leggings with Sweaters all the time. But, until today I didn't realize that I wore these Houndstooth Leggings with the Red Sweater first and the Silver Shimmery Sweater next. This is actually the sam…