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Happy Easter 2017!

This was Vivian's annual photo with the Easter Bunny. This is only her second time taking photos with the Easter bunny. She did good last year, but did great this year.
Another photo with another Easter bunny on a little date my daughter had with her grandma. This is a special photo for me not only because it is my most favorite and most important ladies together - my daughter and my mom - but because my mom's birthday was this Friday on April 14th and the two of them took this photo together and it will be a special memory for us, since it was my mom's birthday.

From some bunny very special and myself, we want to wish you:
A Very Happy Easter! Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!
(and in Albanian)
Gezuar Pashket! Krishti u Ngjall! Vertet u Ngjall!

P.S. For a sneak peak to what we wore on Easter Sunday take a look at my Instagram.