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The Common Threads Challenge - Linkup #1.

Happy Hump Day!! Today is the first linkup day - every Wednesday with myself and the other 5 remixing bloggers from the Common Threads Challenge - I mentioned recently in my Currently post. This is a different kind of remixing challenge. Created and originated by ALEX of The Cheerful Closet, this Fall style challenge will join 6 different bloggers - all of which have done other capsule challenges before - to bring you an innovative, unique and fresh idea about how to remix your closet while still wearing anything you love from your entire closet. How it works is that we each get to choose 5 different pieces from our closet (it can also be an accessory as one of the pieces, not just clothes) and wear at least one of these 5 items with other items from our wardrobe, every single day. 

The idea is to create 30 different outfits that will feel fresh and new but having those 5 core original items to remix. It is a great idea to do a 30 for 30 type of challenge (which I love to do) without l…