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Warm Air, Ice-Cream and My Husband.

I love going out with my husband and doing fun stuff with him. A lot of our dates are simple. We drive up and grab something to eat, or maybe we just go for drinks and dessert, or like in this day we enjoyed an ice-cream (from Dairy Queen). And, then, if the day is beautiful and the sun is shining, we like to enjoy some sunshine, glee in the nature and perhaps walk outside for a little bit. =) This was the first day of June 2010, the first official month of Summer. It was a very special day for us both. We enjoyed each other's company to the max.

Here are just some photos from that day. Aren't they pretty? Enjoy. =)

Red, Navy & White, Plaid Button-Down Long Shirt: H&M.
Indigo Jean Leggings:Miley/Max (the colaboration of Miley Cyrus with designer Max Azria).
Nude, Strappy Wedge Sandals Featuring a Big Butterfly: Payless.
Light Coral, Daisy, Stud Earrings: H&M.
Cognac Leather & Canvas Colorful Stripped Purse: Mansetti (Italy).