Monday, January 14, 2013

Time and Teal...

Time is the most transparent thing in our hands. It seems like we never quite have it. Or we never have enough of it. These days as I now hit exactly 38 weeks of Pregnancy and when I know my baby can come anytime (though my due date is on January 27th), I feel even more than ever that TIME IS OF OF ESSENCE. I met the doctor that will deliver the baby today, and we mostly discussed the birth plan. I plan on giving birth naturally. Hopefully my body can take it and I also hope that the tests I did this morning show that I can go all natural after all. I am not 100% opposed to an epidural though. If my labor lasts many hours and it is painful, taking something to better and quiet down my pain is helpful. So with that said, time is very crucial these days for me. I still have a lot of outfits to post before I go and become a mamma. And I have also lined up some Guest Posts which I think I will start running around January 25th and through the month of February. I am still looking for more Guest Bloggers. So if you are interested E-Mail me your ideas for a post or even better a post (text with photos) by January 25th. My E-Mail address is ada.furxhi<@> and we will go from there. Thank You All. =)

Now, today's outfit is very very simple but sometimes Simple is Best; it is a forgotten outfit from a little while ago. I wore this to run errands while being practical. Nothing special but I am real and I like to keep things real here on my blog. I do love the short-sleeve sweater from Express. It has an unique take on a cardigan. =) I like the Teal colors of the top and you bet I will wear it a little bit after I give birth too, because of its comfort level. I also wore it yesterday around the house. It feels like pajamas. I also love that I am matching rose accessories (headband & earrings). I am hating this day's photos though so bear with me.

Cobalt Blue, Open-Button, Shhort-Sleeve Cardigan w/ Pockets: Express.
Comfortable, Cotton, V-Neck, Teal, Stripped, Maternity Tee: Liz Lange Maternity.
Dark, Wide-Legged, Maternity Blue Jeans: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Blue-Rose Plastic & Gold Metallic Stud Earrings: Koton.
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Silver Headband w/ Cute Rose & Leaf Detail Off the Side: Kohl's.
Soft Leather, Light, Gold Loafers, Featuring a Buckle Detail: St. John's Bay (JC Penney).

Faking It...

Happy Monday All and Welcome to the Third Week of the Year (also of January). Where have two weeks of 2013 gone so far? Is it just me or do you all feel the same way?

I do not own a Black Suit but I do own Black Pants (at least 3-4 pairs) and a couple of Black Blazers, so every time I get the chance, I wear them together and sort of create a Suit. It is hard and usually not the most comfortable thing to wear (a suit) when you are pregnant, especially during the last weeks of your pregnancy. But I used my Super-Comfy Ponte Pants, Beautiful WHBM Blazer and a Comfy Sweater from Target to 'Fake a Suit' if you will. The Black Suit plays well with the Neutral, Pastel Colors of the Sweater (layered with a Light Gray Tank underneath). I wore this during my last day of work, a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to look professional while I closed off a chapter in my life. =) What do you think, am I good at Faking It?! LOL

Gray/Lavender/Baby Blue Hi-Lo Sweater: Merona (Target).
Black Blazer w/ Round Collar: White House Black Market.
Wide-Legged, Comfortable, Ponte, Maternity Black Paints: Oh Baby by Motherhood.
Long, Leather Rope & Chain Gold/Purple Necklace w/ Snake Medallion: Parfois (New).
Silver Ring w/ Long Oval-Shaped Orange Stone: Kohl's.
Black, Suede Leather, Light Loafers, Featuring a Buckle Detail: St. John's Bay (JC Penney).
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