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It all started with a Pretty Purple Cardigan.

I am such a cardigan girl. To me they present effortless elegance, chic comfort, and show off a beautiful blouse or top underneath yet still manage to be the main attraction. ;-) I own A TON of cardigans. I have long-sleeve ones, 3/4-sleeve ones, elbow-length ones, short-sleeved, cap-sleeved, V-Neck, scoop-neck, crew-neck, fitted and loose ones, trendy and more classic ones, grandpa style, long, cropped, waist-length, with simple buttons, with bejeweled buttons, lots of solid colors, lots of stripes, as well as some fun patterned cardis and of course some floral ones. As a matter of fact I went shopping yesterday and purchased two of them: a fitted, girly, baby pink cardigan with glass mini-buttons; and a longer one grandpa-style, in navy with horizontal ivory stripes and a V-Neck. I am actually wearing this last cardigan (the navy one) today, with a fun ruffled shell underneath and some jeggings. ;-) The weather is just warm enough to wear this with no coat over. I actually have flip…