Monday, October 25, 2010

It all started with a Pretty Purple Cardigan.

I am such a cardigan girl. To me they present effortless elegance, chic comfort, and show off a beautiful blouse or top underneath yet still manage to be the main attraction. ;-) I own A TON of cardigans. I have long-sleeve ones, 3/4-sleeve ones, elbow-length ones, short-sleeved, cap-sleeved, V-Neck, scoop-neck, crew-neck, fitted and loose ones, trendy and more classic ones, grandpa style, long, cropped, waist-length, with simple buttons, with bejeweled buttons, lots of solid colors, lots of stripes, as well as some fun patterned cardis and of course some floral ones. As a matter of fact I went shopping yesterday and purchased two of them: a fitted, girly, baby pink cardigan with glass mini-buttons; and a longer one grandpa-style, in navy with horizontal ivory stripes and a V-Neck. I am actually wearing this last cardigan (the navy one) today, with a fun ruffled shell underneath and some jeggings. ;-) The weather is just warm enough to wear this with no coat over. I actually have flip-flops on. It's about 60 degrees out. It has been a warm, beautiful weekend for Michigan, definitely not common for mid-late October but I'll take it. ;-)

So yeah, I will actually take pictures of some of my cardigans and continue into a later post. But the outfit below features a cardigan actually. Cardigans truly are so versatile as this outfit took me from a casual Sunday lunch at "Olive Garden" with my two closest cousins (they are both my female first cousins who are also 2 best friends to me, 2 very dear confindantes, 2 sisters really, and overall fun, awesome girls whom I love veryyyyyyyy much) to bar-hopping down-town Birmingham, with 2 other cousins and their fiancees. ;-)

That's me in the Purple Cardigan with the matching sequined shell underneath, sitting in my cousin (I call her my little sister) Gloria's lap. And the girl in the stylish and pretty Graige (Gray & Beige) Blazer is my other cousin, Mariela. =)
I normally don't wear the same color head to toe, it's simply not me nor my style (with an exception to black as often when I wear black - especially when I want to look elegant, understated yet sexy - I wear black head to toe). But there are 3 shades of purple here and I thought they worked together and made for a cool but casual outfit. ;-) And by the way, the shoes are actually not purple, but a metallic bronze. LOL
This is my most favorite picture from that night. ;-) I must say it was chilly for being just early Autumn.
Long, Purple Cardigan + Violet Matching Sequined Tank-top: Express.
Mauve Skinny Jeans: Martin & Osa.
Patent Leather Hobo Bag: XOXO.
Coral Daisy Stud Earrings: H&M.
Bronze Sequined Thong Flats: A Boutique in Toronto, ON, Canada.