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Thursday Moda #116: Siesta Vibes and Smiles.

Smiles make us all prettier. They beautify our faces and our days. They beautify our lives. A smile is like an apostrophe, because it is that smile that reminds us that life goes on no matter what happens, that there is goodness, bright lights and positivity in this world and in our lives despite the bad things that happen to us and the not-so-kind people we may have encountered in our lives, despite the negative events, accidents, incidents or challenges we have faced and continue facing. Smiles are beautiful. They bring out our inner beauty. They bring out our souls. They bring out our personalities. Smiles are like butterflies, they grimace thru and they tell the world that we are smiling today! Smiles - we fake them sometimes. Heck, if you work with customers or clients, you fake at least one smile a day, but you now what that is OK. Sometimes you have to fake a smile to push through the bad things that are surrounding your life. A fake smile is better than no smile at all, so smi…