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February 2014 Reflections and Top 3 Looks.

As I have mentioned before, writing the Top 3 post for each month and recapping the previous month Fashion-wise, is one of my Most Favorite Posts to write. Sure, it is time-consuming and it makes me think deep about my style progression and the Outfits I loved and in what order I loved them most, but it is Fun nevertheless. With that said, February flew by and I cannot believe today is March 1st. Holly Molly! Do you feel the same way? Like I mentioned last weekend, it was a month of sickness and bad health for me personally and for us as a household, so I am glad it is over. Though, a very bad flu virus is currently circling the rounds in Albania. I pray to God we don't catch anything, especially the baby. Keep us in your prayers. Thank you.

In February, I got in 25 Posts out of which you saw 29 Outfits. There were 2 Two-fer Posts where I remixed my Navy Collared Grandpa Cardigan in one and my Brown Cowl-neck Sweater on the other one. On the days I left my house and got dressed, I …