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Late Third Thursday Thoughts and $10 Budget at Target.

OK. Let's be honest, it is Friday already, lunch-time to be exact but I did mean to write up this Third Thursday Post and I started writing most of this since last night but then I was tired and went to bed instead. So, it still counts that I thought and wrote most of this, last night! There is only one other weekend left in October besides this one and I am amazed how fast each week flies!

- Since this Spring until now it has been very hard dressing Vivian, what I mean is choosing her outfits. She chooses most of her outfits and she almost wants every thing in pink: shoes, socks, tops, leggings, skirts, dresses, bows, you name it. But her wardrobe is filled with many more other patterns and colors like navy, green, yellow, red, teal, flowers, graphics, Disney characters and more. She is very very stubborn though, opens her own closet and drawers and chooses what she wants to wear. I could use all the advice you can give me on this matter so please speak away. Do you have a stubbor…