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A Satin Dress and a Leather Moto Jacket.

This is not the first time I have worn a Dress with a Moto Jacket, a pretty fancy dress nevertheless. It is a look I have tried several times and I love it. It is true+tested for me. I wouldn't call it a 'uniform' for me since I don't wear it as often as "one of my uniforms" but once again it is a look I have tried several times (work, brunch, date nights and even weddings) and I have loved it. I wore this outfit last week and it wasn't as cold as the photos show. The pictures were taken in the morning before I went to work and before the rain, which also melted the last of the snow. I am glad to report that the temperatures have been rising up since the day these photos were taken. They have gone from the mid 30s to early 40s, late 40s and today they were as high as 56 degrees.

A  SATIN  DRESS. This Purple Satin Dress is by The Limited, from a few years ago ,but has been sitting in my closet with tags (God knows why). It is a simple style but so classy and…