Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Favorites - March 2017.

On Fridays, I will be alternating between "Weekend Wants" (shopping posts), "This Weekend" (lifestyle posts and weekend suggestions), "Flashback Friday" (posts where I look back at one or several outfits from the past), my usual OOTD posts (fashion/outfit of the day posts) and for the first time starting today "Friday Favorites" (posts where I will list a few of my current favorites). Here is the first one, below.

Favorite Item to Wear: Skinny Jeans. I have always been a fan of Skinny Jeans. Slightly Distressed, Classic Blue, Olive Green, Black, White or in a Fun Bold Color like Cobalt, I love a good pair of Skinny Jeans. I recently picked three pairs of Rockstars from Old Navy because all their jeans were 50% off. I cannot wait to wear and style them very soon. My current favorites though are these moto-style blue pair I just wore. They were a steal - under 30 bucks at Target.

Favorite Snack: Almonds (especially toasted almonds with salt) and Green Grapes. Not only are these snacks both very healthy but also taste delicious. Plus almonds and grapes go so well together. If you want to make more of a meal out of them, have yourself some crackers and a cheese or two. Better yet add a glass of wine - red or white, the choice is yours.

Favorite Breakfast: Toasted Bagel (with "Country Crock" buttery spread over it) and a cup of Fresh-Made Coffee with a little bit of my favorite creamer in it - caramel machiatto by "Coffee-Mate". Oh and my favorite breakfast is always while I am at home as I browse Insta stories.

Favorite Obsession: Handbag Charms. I cannot stop buying handbag charms. I have several tassels (one is even monogrammed) and pom-poms but I recently purchased some fun ones. Pizza or Pretzel anyone?!

Favorite Soap Opera: The Young and the Restless. This has been a guilty pleasure for me, for many years now. I have watched it on and off for 15 years. I didn't watch it at all while in Albania, but once I moved back to the States, I got right back at it. There are so many beloved characters that have been there for years and some characters I love to hate. But above all there is a lot of glamour, beautiful people and gorgeous women that are dressed to perfection. The fashion is amazing, it helps that the main businesses on this show are about style, fashion design, beauty, fragrance and makeup. There is a reason this has been the number one, most watched US soap for over two decades, now.

Favorite Book: "Girl on the Train". I have yet to watch the movie and due to being extremely busy, it took me a little white to read the book (not because I didn't want to). But once I got into the book, I couldn't put it down. It is so well-written, full of mystery, beautiful descriptions and creative smaller storylines that build up the main umbrella story. You want to root for the main character, but at the same time you want to kill them (trying not to say the gender for you who have not read the book or seen the movie). The moment you think you figured things out, something happens and your brain is caught in a maze. Though the train is indeed a huge non-human character of this book, it is also such a metaphor for the story that unfolds. I couldn't agree more - it deserves to be a New York Bestseller and more.

Favorite Oscar Look: Hailee Steinfeld. Hailee may be new to the Hollywood scene and she is still very young, but she is one of the stars to watch now when it comes to fashion. She is barely old enough to drink but Hailee is a true fashionista. Her entire Oscar Look featuring an Icy Lavender Floral Applique Gown by Ralph and Russo Couture was divine. She was gorgeous head to toe. I will do a full Oscars 2017 recap on the blog before next week is over, so stay tuned. =)

Hope you liked this post today and you enjoyed my favorites. What are some of your favorite things/foods/clothes/books/shows/etc. now? Happy March you all!

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