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Full Floral Action.

Are you wearing Midi-Skirts this Summer? I am. I own several and to tell you the truth most of the ones I own, I have purchased more than 2-3 years ago, however they have been very in style, since last Summer. I love how they feel so girly, playful and fun, since they are full skirts (a-line style). I prefer the ones with a higher waist because they remind me of the beautiful silouhettes of the 50s and the 60s (of the last century) which were great years fashion-wise. Those were the glorious decades that paid attention to women's bodies, showcased their curves and hourglass shapes. My skirt below is really cute, it is a Silk Shantung and features Red Poppies. I like the light green background too, because it appears like a green field with flowers. Pairing it with a classic-button down, also in red, made it look more polished and professional.

Have a Great Middle of the Week!! Ada. =)

Raspberry-Red, Button-Down, Short-Sleeve Shirt: The Limited. Silk, A-line, High-Waisted, Green Midi …