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Double Bursts of Orange.

Is it Friday yet? Even-though each day has sort of seemed long for me, especially the time spent at work, looking at it as a week, I cannot believe it is Friday. For most of you that is exciting but for me it brings on a tiresome weekend as I also always work on one weekend day. But whatever, I am in a good mood. It will be a good weekend. =)

The first time I wore this dress, I didn't care how my outfit came out. That was my winter version of wearing this dress. I prefer it much better, here, today. The burnt orange color of the dress looks quite happy with the bright, neon orange ballet flats. I like the woven bows on the flats and I matched bows, since the dress has one, as well. A leopard bracelet & some simple but cute, sparkly earrings were all I needed in the jewelry department. From these photos, you can see a lot of Orange, between my burnt orange couches and the Fall-motiv tablecloth. It makes the photos pop out more, I think.

Burnt Orange & Brown Knit Mini-Dress:A …