Friday, December 23, 2011

A Lovely, Velvety, Christmasy LBD.

So I am sorry I haven't posted as regularly as I'd like to or as regularly as I promised. It is due to having some internet difficulties which I hope are fixed for good, especially since these days I am free, without a job just yet and have a lot of time in my hands.

So what's new, on my end? On Wednesday I colored and trimmed my hair, added a few layers and went a tiny bit lighter, perhaps a shade lighter or so. It's amazing how the day you get your hair done, you look and feel like a brand-new person, because it is so shiny, smooth, pretty and overall makes you look shinier, smoother, prettier. Overall I am very happy. It looks sooooo healthy AND brand-new. That makes me smile especially since it is Winter. I have also gone on a little shopping spree. I know it's the Holiday Season and all and we are all supposed to spend for others, buy gifts for others, etc. But I can't help it if I find cute, nice, affordable things for myself. After all I have always been the type to treat myself for Christmas/New Year's. Yes, I have gotten my share of gifts (in Albania it is tradition to give them on New Year's Eve), but also I like purchasing at least a couple of new things I can and would wear for the holidays or special occasions at the end of the year. I normally give myself a 250$ limit for my own gifts to myself, for the end of the year holidays. I am almost close to reaching my limit and have put some things on hold as well. So far I have gotten 3 dresses (one I plan on wearing for Christmas), a pair of gym shoes, a pair of stilettos (I am wearing these for New Year's Eve), 2 scarves, 2 purses, 2 turtleneck sweaters, 2 sweater vests, 3 pairs of wintery tights, a pair of wintery leggings & a blouse. Yep, all of these for under 250$. Now how could I resist all of these? LOL Plus everything is so pretty, fits me wonderfully and I plan on wearing them for a while. I am especially in love with my dresses & purses.

I also purchased 2 new winter jackets/coats but I am not considering them as Christmas Gifts to myself since they were two items I needed and basically had to have despite being the Holidays or not. I got one that's like a pinkish red, and the other one that's a mustardy yellow. I know what you are thinking Ketchup & Mustard but that was not my intention. LOL They are both very similar, were from the same designer. The red one is short/cropped, the other one is like a 3/4 length (covers my butt basically). I purchased them both for (drum-roll please) 64$. I will be taking some photos of all of my new items and show you guys. =)

For now I am leaving you with an outfit I had to blog about, even if it is about 5 weeks old. This lovely outfit is what I wore to the Fabulous Goodbye Dinner Party, My Parents held at their House in Michigan, just 3 days before I left, on Sunday November 13th 2011. Gosh I miss my family so much this Christmas. As tradition one of the homes (there are 5 families in all, between my parents, uncles & aunts) would host Christmas Dinner on the 25th where there would be plenty of awesome food, all kinds of drinks, lots of dancing, gift exchanging and a ton of fun overall (*cries inside*), but this year I will be spending Christmas with My Husband's Family instead, in a brand new city, in a different continent, in Tirana, Albania, EUROPE. Before I leave you on to my outfit for today, I want to wish to each and every one of you Fashionable Ladies:
Happy HolidayS!! Have a Beautiful, Happy, Healthy & Blessed Christmas!! May you get lots of nice gifts!!

 Black, Velvet, Ruched, Dress: White House Black Market.
Pearl & Silver Rhinestone Necklace: White House Black Market.
 Stretchy Pearl, Bobble Bracelet (on Right Wrist): White House Black Market.
Flower Pearl, Post Earrings: NY& Co (New York & Company).
Brown, Corduroy Military Jacket: Forever 21.
Black Stripped Tights: Old Navy.
Soft Leather Gold Loafers: J.C. Penney.
These last pictures, I am "Showing Off" My Amazing Cake which tasted great, just as it looked awesome!
Ahhh this was a great, fantastic, unforgettable, day which is etched in my memory and heart forever! =) So many wonderful people I will for sure MISS!! I love My Parents, My Brother and my Extended Family sooooo very muuuuuuuch!!


  1. you look great! and the cake looks really yummy.

    Come and enter!
    In Love With Fashion Giveaway.


  2. Thanks a lot Carrie.
    Happy Holidays to You & Your Loved Ones!


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