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Thursday Moda #139: Our Song on the Radio - Poetry.

Good Morning and Happy Thursday and Happy November to you all! How was your Halloween?! Ours was great! You might have caught some of it on my Instagram stories. If you don't follow me on Instagram - please do so! I post different, new content there every day! =) Thank you for doing so!

I obviously had a long but exhausting day overall yesterday, but such a productive day nevertheless! I had every intention of coming home, eating something quickly after I took Vivian trick-or-treating and writing my new Fashion Thursday Moda post. Alas I caught up with a friend and then I was so exhausted and fell asleep. Therefore, I got a new Poetry for you today. But I figured it is fine since you usually like my poems, no?! This one has a lot of truth to it - most of the ones I have written this year, do. I like fictional or creative writing with truth attached to it. It makes the piece more raw and if I am being honest more beautiful. To tell you the truth I am sure we all have at least one so…

Halloween Two Thousand Eighteen!

Happy Halloween Two Thousand Eighteen Everyone! Here is my little Dorothy for you all! Isn't she THE CUTEST?! To say that she is excited for today, would be an understatement - and she doesn't even eat a lot of candy. But it is the experience!

DOROTHY  FROM  THE  WIZZARD  OF  OZ. The photos of Vivian in her costume are taken from last week when our town (downtown) does Trunk-Or-Treat for the kids. All the businesses as well as the local police and fire department treat the kids with candy and many locals decorate the trunks of their cars, dress up in costume and give candy or treats to the kids as well. Believe it or not it is the very first time I took Vivian here. Lucky for us it was pretty warm (45-50 degrees --- that is warm for Michigan) and it didn't rain, unlike the rain we are expecting today. I purchased Vivian's Dorothy Dress at a second-hand store this year for 9 bucks, but it was brand-new with tags. Target sells it too and JC Penney had an almost identical …

"Skirting the Rules" Linkup: Midi Skirts and Mixing Patterns for Fall.

Good Morning Everyone! How  is your week going so far?! If you remember from 2 months ago, I started the "Skirting the Rules" Linkup which is a skirt-only collaboration+linkup with my friend ELSIE from Polished Whimsy, a fellow skirt-wearer and skirt-lover. Due to both of our schedules, we skipped the linkup last month, but we are both in the grind of things with a little normalcy in both of our schedules so we are back with October's Skirting the Rules. Our linkup goes live early morning of the last Tuesday of each month and will be live for an entire month. We encourage you to wear and link up your skirts with us, however any and all outfits are welcome. Each month Elsie and I will chose ONE FAVORITE SKIRT OUTFIT from the previous month's linkup, too.
This month of October we have a 'theme' going as we are both showing you how to style a Patterned Midi Skirt for Fall, mixing it with one or more patterns. And not only do we have two gorgeous skirts for you to…