Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Thursday Moda #139: Our Song on the Radio - Poetry.

Good Morning and Happy Thursday and Happy November to you all! How was your Halloween?! Ours was great! You might have caught some of it on my Instagram stories. If you don't follow me on Instagram - please do so! I post different, new content there every day! =) Thank you for doing so!

I obviously had a long but exhausting day overall yesterday, but such a productive day nevertheless! I had every intention of coming home, eating something quickly after I took Vivian trick-or-treating and writing my new Fashion Thursday Moda post. Alas I caught up with a friend and then I was so exhausted and fell asleep. Therefore, I got a new Poetry for you today. But I figured it is fine since you usually like my poems, no?! This one has a lot of truth to it - most of the ones I have written this year, do. I like fictional or creative writing with truth attached to it. It makes the piece more raw and if I am being honest more beautiful. To tell you the truth I am sure we all have at least one song that reminds us of someone: a past lover, an ex, a long-time friend, a friend we haven't seen or heard from in a long time, a relative of friend we don't talk to anymore, a co-worker, a classmate, or perhaps an event, a memory from since we were young children, etc. And one day we hear those songs on the radio and our memories come flowing, our hearts start beating harder, our emotions fill our souls, our body shivers, etc, etc. Am I right?! Also, this poem today reminds me a little bit of the new song from the band Train "Calls me Sir". It is their latest single which I love. I don't know why my poetry reminds me of this song - maybe because the story and video of the song show us a throwback of the singer when he remembers his past as a child - but I thought that was a fun fact to share. I hope you enjoy this poem today written a couple of days ago and let me know honestly if you like reading my poems?! I take your input into huge consideration and really want to bring you content you all enjoy! Thanks again for the feedback.

Our  Song  on  the  Radio...
[October 28th 2018, 12.19 A.M.]

Our song on the radio,
lyrics filling up the heart,
memories rupturing my soul,
shivers running down my arms...

Our song on the radio,
a long time I haven't heard it,
the same words I always loved,
the same metaphors that mimicked our story...

Our song on the radio,
but it doesn't feel the same,
I am empty inside all of a sudden,
you are not my song anymore, not my heart...
. If Our song on the radio continues to play,
so many memories attached to it,
I am driving through the quiet, light rain
but it feels like I am caught into heavy hail...

Our song on the radio feels like yesterday,
but it was months, years ago,
I loved you and you loved me that I do know,
but something got lost in translation...

And here we are like this lonely song,
one of the most beautiful songs out there,
but that song wasn't played in so long,
just like the two hearts that were departed...

Now someone else calls me his lover,
someone else may call you one too,
the city sleeps under the lyrics of a plethora of songs
and I have found other lyrics, other songs...

Our song on the radio... still meaningful somewhat,
I am sure the same song means a lot to so many couples,
but we are not a couple anymore,
I am a woman searching for her self-joy...
but hopefully you are now a changed man!

Our song on the radio...
how much I loved that song,
so many smiles, dances and romances under those sweet notes,
but today I want to dance away from all those memories,
...they are still sacred and beautiful in my heart
and I want to preserve them with dignity just like the love I had for you!

We are two molecules inside the same oxygen we breathe each day,
we are two people who share the same child we so much love,
we are two souls that once fell in love,
we are two people who belonged together...
till life decided to create other songs!

Last week was a successful linkup with close to one hundred looks. Thank you everyone!! The looks I was attracted to were all so different but I loved them all. However I did see a little 'theme' - Blazers and Jackets, so many gorgeous ones. It makes me exciting for Holiday Outfits. The over 40s and 50s age group killed it! I mean look at the outfits, below. Also, you loved, loved my Grey+Mauve Work Outfit featuring my Glen Plaid Blazer by Target. I received so many compliments on that outfit.
This week's featured blogger is the darling DARLENE from Aquamarina Style an over 50s' stylish lady who always puts together very chic outfits, be it easy+casual or elegant+dressy. And that is definitely evident on the outfits from the collage above. First, she tried the Very Chic Faux Leather Spanx Leggings which looked so good paired with both the Burberry Camel Tunic+Leopard Flats and just as good with the Boyfriend-Cut Glen Plaid Blazer - very similar to the one I had on last week for Thursday Moda. I also loved the office look with a Patterned Knit Pencil Skirt. There is a subtle red stripe on her skirt and I love that Darlene brought it out with her comfy red ballet flats. I only discovered Darlene's blog less than 6 months ago but she has continued to link up with me week after week. She is no stranger to the Thursday Moda Favorites. But last week ALL of her outfits deserved an A+ in my book!

'Fall in the Air', a gorgeous floral jacquard blazer, cropped pants, statement earrings and the most gorgeous bow pumps make up Tatiana's super chic, layered office look.
That is such a beautiful 'Fall Floral Dress' Shelly. The colors are vibrant and gorgeous. Paired with the long white cardigan, mushroom-colored booties and cognac bag, the dress is perfectly-styled for Fall.
My fellow Michigander Jamie is indeed in 'Sweater Weather' in a cozy, everyday outfit. The colors of her blanket scarf are so fun and unique!
Julie is already showing us a sneak peak into the holiday season with 'Great Party Dresses at Eva Trends'. The embroidered flower lace applique on that nude+blue dress is stunning and I love that Julie paired it with a matchy blue velvet blazer.
Nora always designs her own jackets. This time around in the 'Verona Boucle Jacket' she killed it in such a classic and modern black+white look, complete with black pumps.
Nancy always wears many skirts and dresses. This time in a 'Snake Print' shirtdress-style, she paired it with tall patent leather boots. And yes Nancy: I am loving the fun and edgy snakeskin trend!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Halloween Two Thousand Eighteen!

Happy Halloween Two Thousand Eighteen Everyone! Here is my little Dorothy for you all! Isn't she THE CUTEST?! To say that she is excited for today, would be an understatement - and she doesn't even eat a lot of candy. But it is the experience!

The photos of Vivian in her costume are taken from last week when our town (downtown) does Trunk-Or-Treat for the kids. All the businesses as well as the local police and fire department treat the kids with candy and many locals decorate the trunks of their cars, dress up in costume and give candy or treats to the kids as well. Believe it or not it is the very first time I took Vivian here. Lucky for us it was pretty warm (45-50 degrees --- that is warm for Michigan) and it didn't rain, unlike the rain we are expecting today. I purchased Vivian's Dorothy Dress at a second-hand store this year for 9 bucks, but it was brand-new with tags. Target sells it too and JC Penney had an almost identical one, but I got it for less of the price those stores have it. The Dorothy Dress came with the little silky light blue ribbons (for her hair) and a pair of sparkly red socks shaped like a ballet flat (bu they were useless and definitely very small). Anyway, her dress is sparkly too which is perfect for my girly girl. My little Dorothy's Velvet Pom Pom Ballet Shoes are from Cat+Jack for Target and they are adorable. I picked up the warm Woven Off-White Thick Tights + White Cotton Turtleneck at our local Meijer's. I was looking for exactly those pieces to 'make up' Vivian's Halloween Outfit because you need to be warm when you are walking around for 2 hours on a chilly Michigan evening. Plus she will be wearing these pieces all Winter long, probably through April.

Shop Vivian's Halloween Outfits, Below:

Now, the photos above were taken this morning prior to taking Vivian to school, today. She is wearing her Festive Orange Halloween Outfit. Her Fun Pocket Ghost Graphic Tee, Sparkly Tulle Skirt and Blush Pink Leather Booties are all from Cat+Jack at Target and are all current but I couldn't find them online or find links for them sorry (check your local Target for them, if you want them). Vivian's hair is in two ponytails with the blue ribbon bows because they will be changing into their Halloween Costumes at school, later, for their Halloween School Parade that she was looking forward to. And later after she comes home, my mother and I are taking her trick-or-treating of course!

What are your Halloween Plans today/tonight?! Are you dressing up?! What will your costume be?!

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween Everyone!

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Monday, October 29, 2018

"Skirting the Rules" Linkup: Midi Skirts and Mixing Patterns for Fall.

Good Morning Everyone! How  is your week going so far?! If you remember from 2 months ago, I started the "Skirting the Rules" Linkup which is a skirt-only collaboration+linkup with my friend ELSIE from Polished Whimsy, a fellow skirt-wearer and skirt-lover. Due to both of our schedules, we skipped the linkup last month, but we are both in the grind of things with a little normalcy in both of our schedules so we are back with October's Skirting the Rules. Our linkup goes live early morning of the last Tuesday of each month and will be live for an entire month. We encourage you to wear and link up your skirts with us, however any and all outfits are welcome. Each month Elsie and I will chose ONE FAVORITE SKIRT OUTFIT from the previous month's linkup, too.

This month of October we have a 'theme' going as we are both showing you how to style a Patterned Midi Skirt for Fall, mixing it with one or more patterns. And not only do we have two gorgeous skirts for you today but I think we both did a great job styling them, too. What do you think?!

The skirt I chose to wear and style today is this Birdcage A-Line Midi Skirt from my favorite brand at Target - Who What Wear, a skirt purchased a couple of months ago. I just love the vibrant yellow mustard of this skirt and the subtle little daisy print. Also the material is thick and sturdy, perfect for this season. Previously I have worn+loved pairing mustard with millennial pink so I did it again. I layered a Pinstriped Millennial Pink Button-Down Poplin Shirt with a Matching Statement Sweater on top. Isn't that scarfed dog adorable?! Both the sweater and collared shirt are new and currently at Land's End. You can always count on colorful, preppy, classic and polished styles from Land's End. I also wore my New Marc Fisher Black Leather Pumps and carried a matching Designer (Elliot Lucca) Woven Clutch. I love how this outfit turned out because 4 of the main pieces are either in mustard or blush pink. But I brought out the white scarf of the dog on the sweater with those White+Heather Grey Statement Earrings. It ended up being a fun, colorful, put-together, elegant and feminine work outfit, don't you think?

My friend Elsie went full on Fall Colors between that amazing large-scale print skirt and the cognac leather accessories she paired it with. I love her fun unique booties. Also, a floral print always looks great with stripes!


I am so glad our linkup had at least 25 of you stylish ladies joining us, on its launch month. There were about 8 skirt outfits linked last month and I loved the beautiful skirt styled by that the stylish, classy and colorful Fonda. She is indeed 'Good at Print Mixing because that beautiful hot pink floral skirt looked great with a classic white+black dotted, ruffled, girly top and those stunning+vibrant 3D-bow gingham slides. Her outfit even "falls in theme" with our pattern-mixing Skirted Looks today. I actually happen to own that skirt from Loft and Fonda is inspiring me to style it with some black+white patterns, SOON!

Now Join our 2nd, NEW and SUPER FUN "Skirting the Rules" Linkup. Isn't the graphic so fun and fabulous!?  I love it!! You can link up any outfits here, not just skirts, but Elsie and I will pick a couple of favorite skirt looks to feature each month! The linkup will be open for an entire month, for your convenience. Have Fun, blog-hop around and meet some other fabulous fashionistas along the way!