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The First Day of Spring.

Happy First Day of Spring though it is evening here and I am posting late. Still,we have the entire Spring ahead of us so I don't think you mind my good wish!
Outfits like this: cute sweater, skinny jeans, some type of boots (wellies like today, booties, riding style boots or OTK boots), pretty statement jewelry plus a roomy bag (especially when I have Vivian around) is a type of mom uniform for me on days off November through mid April, at least. Though today's outfit is neither rocket science, nor typically Spring-y since I am mostly wearing blue and black, jelly rain boots are still very much adaptable for Spring and to add some Spring in my step (literally and figuratively), I spiced up this outfit with lots of bright red. Not only my rain boots/wellies but also my statement necklace and lipstick are red. A very simple casual outfit, yet very put together for a mom. What do you think?!
I love the back button detail on this Loft sweater. Black, Long Sleeve Crew-Neck Sweater w/…