Friday, November 7, 2014

Snow Leopard and Red.

This Fall I am committed to taking some of my Summer Dresses and wearing them for the colder season. I have done that quite a bit in the last month and a half or so. Today I am showing you just one of them: my Snow Leopard Fit+Flare Dress. In the collage above it is side by side, how I wore it this Summer and how I am wearing it this Fall (just a couple of weeks ago, actually). And as you can see by the photos, my hair has grown quite a bit in the last 3 months.

For the first time this Fall (or ever) I paired this Snow Leopard Dress with a Red Cardigan and Bold Red Lipstick. Even my Earrings have Dangly Red Stones. I added some Off-Black/Charcoal Semi-Opaque Tights and some Black Patent Leather Ballet Flats. I thought it was fun to pair the B+W Spotted Dress with B+W Polka Dot Bangles. One of my favorite color trios is Red+Black+White so I loved how this came out. Black Pumps would have looked better but I wore this Outfit for some volunteering I did at a hospital for abandoned/homeless babies. I knew I was going to carry and hold a little baby or two so comfort was key. As a mom, I must say it was heartbreaking to see those healthy, beautiful, innocent babies abandoned/left by their moms. One of the little boys I carried, really took to me. I was able to quiet him down and make him smile. I hope the program that helps out these babies, finds them good homes and parents who will love them, soon. 
So, how do you like the Snow Leopard and Red together? Have you tried it out before?
Black+White, Fit+Flare, Snow Leopard Dress w/ Leather Panels on the Front: A Local Department Store (New) (similar w/ sleeves, great deal, love this), (similar, gorgeous fit+flare option, great deal), (similar, sleeveless sheath, best deal, love this).
Drop Earrings w/ Dark Red Crystal Stones: White House Black Market (similar, love these, best deal), (similar dark red + gold tone), (gorgeous Swarovski option).
2 Black Plastic Bangles w/ White Polka Dots: Forever 21.

Have a Fantastic, Relaxing Weekend All! I hope to get some rest this weekend after a super busy first week of work (plus everything else I do).