Monday, July 26, 2010

Don't Be a Fashion Slave!!

Hi Everyone. My name is Ada. This is Ada @ Elegance Personified. So why have this blog? First and foremost because I love Style and I love Shopping. This will be my 'interpretation of style'. I am titling it "Elegance Personified" because I think the word "elegant" is an adjective that sumerizes me. =)

A lot of times we get critiqued about our fashion choices. Should we wear the red dress or the black one? Strapless or one shoulder? Should we choose pumps or sandals, stilettos or boots? Should we wear this floppy hat with those skinny jeans? How about the blazer with the mini-skirt? My answer to all of these questions is one and the same. And here it goes: Yes, yes, yes, yes and Yes!! If it makes you feel good, if you look and feel pretty, nice, wonderful, lovely, good and comfortable in what you are wearing there isn't a person in the world that can deny that you are "Not In Style" or that can take away the risk-taker, the "happy fashionista" in you. My philosophy in fashion is quite simple actually. I care less about labels, brand-names, popular brands, boutiques or huge department stores. It's about ME wearing the clothes, not the other way around. I have found some excellent fashions at stores like Wal Mart & K.Mart. And you are damn right that if I have liked them enough to wear them, I have bought them and worn them. And I will proudly say where I purchased them or how much they cost. In general I have very expensive taste, but there is nothing wrong with mixing low-priced items with an expensive piece of clothing you absolutely loved and had to save pennies to buy it. So trends and fashions come and go, just like years and just like we age, but the style within you is always the same. You just have to find your personal style and embrace it. And I have found mine. ;-)

Happy Shopping and Enjoy My Looks!!

Sunshine, Smiles, Bliss & Happiness for what's left of this Summer. X♥X♥ Ada.

Here are just some very few of my favorite outfits from the last couple of years (2008, 2009). This way you get a sneak peek at my closet, what I am about and who I am when it comes to STYLE. Enjoy!!

Cropped Black Cardigan: Bebe.
Purple, Lace-Trimmed Silk Camisole + Purple, Layered, Corduroy Mini Skirt: Mervyn's California. 
Knit, Braided, Brown Tights: The Limited.
Red & Navy, Plaid, Ballerina Flats: Old Navy.
Magenta, Plastic, Bobble Necklace + Earrings (set): Forever 21.
Violet Headband: Express.
Location: Chicago, IL (at my friends' home Balcony).
Time: Mid March 2008.

Brown/Beige/Ivory Houndstooth Coat: Worthington.
Soft Yellow, Knit Scarf: From Albania (at a Boutique.)
Olive-Green Trousers: Old Navy.
Peep-Toe, Mustard-Color Pumps: Charlotte Russe.
Location: Chicago, IL (at a Cafe-Bar).
Time: Mid March 2008.

Ivory Light Spring Coat; Ivory Stiletto Booties + Gray, Bow Clutch: Forever 21.
Ivory Pants: Express.
Soft Yellow, Knit Scarf: From Albania (same as previous pic.)
Location: Down-Town Chicago.
Time: Late March 2008.

Silver Dress w/ White Dots: The Limited.
Leather, Nude Wedge Sandals: Worthington (JC Penneys). 
Black & White Knotted Beaded Necklace: The Limited. 
Orange Rose, Paper Gift-Bag: Lord & Taylor.
Location: My Apartment in Wixom, MI.
Time: Just a Few Days after My Birthday, May 2008.

Lime/Lemon Paisley Print, Ruffled-Collar Halter Dress: Arden B.
Golden Mustard Leather T-Strap Stilettos Shoes + Gold Soft Leather, Fold-over Bow Clutch: Nine West.
Gold Circle Earrings w/ Lime Beads: JC Penneys. 
Location: An Albanian Concert Party in Sterling Heights, MICHIGAN, U.S.A.
Time: Late May 2008.

Faux Leather "Liquid" Leggings: Arden B.
Long, Square-Collared Gray Sweater: Arden B.
Ivory Stiletto Booties: Forever 21.
Faux Leather White Belt: Forever 21.
Bronze & Gold, Long, Dangly Earrings: Arden B.
Location: My Grandpa's Home, Commerce Township, MI.
Time: New Year's Day on Jan 1st 2009.

Kimono-Sleeve, Scoop-Neck, Soft Cotton, Coral Dress: Banana Republic.
Thin Silver Chain Necklace Featuring an Orange & a Pink Flat Square: Forever 21.
Iridescent Orange, Plastic Bangle (Right Hand): Express.  
Hot Pink & Orange Python Print Flats: Nine West.
Location: The Balcony of Our Apartment.
Time: The Morning of My Birthday on May 4th 2009.

Purple Maxi Dress with a Lavender/Blue/Ivory/Red Paisley Print: Express.
Purple/Brown/Orange Bobble Beaded Necklace + Iridescent Orange, Plastic Bangle (Right Hand): Express. 
Dark Green Plastic Bracelet Featuring a Turquoise Beaded Flower: Banana Republic.
Ivory, Bow Headband: Forever 21. 
Location: Outside Our Apartment Chammps in Wixom, MI.
Time: Late June 2009 (Going Out for Lunch w/ My Husband & Running Errands.)

Grayish/Beige, Summery Herringbone Shorts: The Limited.
White/Orange Stripped Button-Down Shirt + Skinny Brown Belt: Express.
Ruffled, Mustard Wedge Sandals: Steve Madden.
Banana Yellow, Large, Leather Handbag: Liz Claiborne.
Location: The Patio @ My Home in Michigan.
Time: Late August 2009.

Suede Front & Bluejean Back Pants; Silk, Leopard Print Blouse; Ruched Faux Leather Black Purse: (all) Express.
Strappy, Cone-Heel, Cognac Sandals: Naturalizer.
Location: The Red Carpet @ the Toronto International Film Festival, Down-Town Toronto by the Eaton Centre.
Time: The Second Saturday of September 2009.

Indigo Blue Faux Leather, Motorcycle Jacket: Bebe.
Long Magenta Cardigan w/ Front Pockets on each side: Martin & Osa.
Jean Leggings: Aldo.
Periwinkle, Suede Shoes w/ Buckle Detail: Nine West.
Gray & Navy, Logo-Printed Handbag: XOXO.
Location: Michigan Lake, Chicago, ILLINOIS.
Time: Mid October 2009.

Red Silk Chiffon, Baby Doll, Halter Style Dress: Bebe.
Dark Red, Silk, Ruffled Matching Shoes + Purse: Nine West.
Argyle-Print Tights: Payless Shoe.
Silver Rhinestone Earrings: Swarovski.
Cocktail Rings: Forever 21. 
Black Beaded, Stretchy Bracelet: Casual Corner.
Location: My Home (before going out).
Time: New Year's Eve 2009 (Dec 31st 2009)