Saturday, January 31, 2015

October and November 2014 Reflections and Top 3 Looks.

I know today is the last day of January and I have already posted My Most Favorite Looks of the year last year (1, 23 and 4.). But for almost 2 years now I do a recap/reflection of each blogging month. Mostly about my style from that month but also a little review of the month in general. Due to the holidays and trying to post several looks that hadn't made it to the blog (I am always behind), recapping the last 3 months of the year were posts I skipped. Today I am covering October and November. In a couple of weeks I will cover December and January.

Anyway, first we have October. I posted 26 times in October. I started off the month posting the last looks of my late Summer 30 for 30 Challenge. That 30 for 30 had indeed 42 Outfits I came up with altogether, but due to my lap-top breaking down, I was only able to post the first 35 looks for that challenge. Altogether this month I posted 26 Outfits, lots of which featured Pink since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I did my part honoring such a great cause. I also co-hosted BBCA (Blogging for Breast Cancer Awareness) with Amy, for the last third part of October. To satisfy my own curiosity I counted and at some type or form I included Pink in 16 of my Outfits (most of which was via clothing, sometimes through accessories). For one of my Pink Posts I did a recap where I showed you how I remixed my Hot Pink, Tweed, Pencil Skirt.

I did a Pinterest-Inspired Look here casually layering a Light Scarf over a B+W Striped Tee, like Whitney. It ended up being one of my top 3 Looks of the month, as well. I also shared my Favorite Things about Fall. I did have four two-fer posts. Out of the 26 Fresh Outfits (not including the remix post of the Hot Pink Pencil Skirt), 9 Outfits were part of the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge and the rest were not. Besides Pink, I noticed that I wore a lot of Neutrals and Teal in October, too. Clothing I wore were mostly Blazers, Dresses, Denim Jackets+Vests, Pencil Skirts and even some Shorts in the first part of the month. Vivian made a couple of appearances on the blog during October, as well. Overall, October for me was a very busy month as I was teaching 2 English classes at the time, wrapping up my Marketing Training course that I taught and interviewing plus preparing to start a new job.

Below are the Top 3 Looks (in order of my liking) and the collage features some other Favorite Looks, in no particular order.

1. Bright Green, Black and Mint Pearls. I wear Blazers with Dresses all the time, especially to work. This Outfit is so Simple yet so Chic. That Bright Green pops against the Simple LBD. Some Red Lips, Nude Pumps, my Red MK Bag and a Dainty Mint Pearl Necklace were everything I used to accessorize the Outfit with. 

2. Orange and Black with Hints of Bright Pink. This was a Dressy Going-out Outfit I wore for a Date Night. It was very close to Halloween so I did my festive part in Black and Orange (I love that Sweater). I also did include a little Pink via my Lipstick, Stud Earrings and Nail Polish.

3. Stripes, Khaki and Blogger Inspirations. Like I mentioned above, this is the Outfit I created myself, inspired a little bit by Whitney. However, I totally put my spin on it. I love how clean and simple it looks. The Khaki Skirt and Khaki Loafers are two of my Favorite Items and I love how I mixed stripes twice with my Scarf and Tee (on top).

The rest of October's Favorites.
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1, 234, 5 and 6.

In November, I ended up posting 20 times and showed you 21 Fresh Outfits. Despite the weather getting colder, I still wore some Fun Colors and Patterns, including Floral. I blogged my Actual Thanksgiving Outfit (2014) but also did a Flashback Post where I showed you my 2013 Thanksgiving Outfit and adorable pictures of Baby Vivian (she was 10 months old, then). Time certainly flew. I also did a Wishful Shopping Post showing the Cutest Old Navy Sweaters. There were two two-fer Posts and a three-fer post. Out of these remix posts, I showed you two of the "Mom Wear to Work Wear"types of posts. In one of them I remixed my Silver Blazer, in the other I remixed a Pink Plaid Shirt in a take one - pass it on series. 

I also followed a weekly challenge of wearing Fall's Pantone Colors (here). Like I mentioned I wore a lot of Colors, despite the fact that it was November, especially Reds, Blues and Greens, Just like in October I wore several Dresses with Blazers. You saw two of my newest blazers from H&M and you also saw my Denim Jacket and Green Military Jacket a couple of times (each). I layered with a couple of Vests as well. I also wore some Plaid via my Burberry Scarf and I finally wore both of the Plaid Shirts I had thrifted earlier in the Fall. The most worn Shoe Style was an Oxford, whether it was the loafer type, the wedge type or the heel type. You also saw a few Ballet Flats and some Booties. Vivian made a few more appearances this month and photo-bombed a lot of my photos too lol. November was one of the busiest months of 2014 for me (I couldn't really post more than 20 times like you saw and even that was a stretch) as I started a new job the first Monday of that month and continued to teach 2 English classes to young children. In other news, towards late October/early November we switched day-cares for Vivian so that was also a challenge for me. Very little sleep and lots of work, in other words.

Below are the Top 3 Looks (in order of my liking) and the collage features some other Favorite Looks, in no particular order.

1. Brick and Burberry. Hands down my Favorite Outfit in November. I love this New Brick/Rust Blazer so much and it was the perfect pair with my Orange Plaid Scarf and Classic, Ankle-length, Dressy Black Pants. No other Outfit Accessory could compete with that Gorgeous Scarf. Vivian was my Cutest Accessory in this post, though.

2. School Girl Red. I pictured this Outfit in my head and had no idea how it would translate into real life. I wanted to take this Fit+Flare Summery Dress and Winterize it a little. It worked, it really worked. I love how good it looked with the White Button-down, the Silky Red Scarf tied into a Bow and the Burgundy Oxford Pumps. It ended up being in my top 3 for November.

3. Fair Isle Cardigan, White Jeans and Pearl Baubles. Finally a chance to wear my White Jeans. They are a little too thick for Summer, but I loved them in this B+W Ensemble, winterizing them with the Fair Isle Sweater and dressing them up with that Gorgeous Pearl Bauble+Flower Necklace. My Patent Leather Oxfords were perfect for this Outfit.

The rest of November's Favorites.
(click on the collage to see it bigger) 
Click on each number below to get to that outfit's post.
1,  23, 45 and 6.

If you made it this far, I give you lots of props and a standing ovation. I am sorry if I wasted your time. This was a very lengthy post and it was time-consuming for me to write as well, as you can imagine. Part of the reason why this recap is coming so late lol. Hope your weekend is going fantastic so far. And Happy February you all!!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Casual Layers in Red Buffalo Plaid and Snow Leopard.

Since today is Friday, I wanted to show you a couple of Very Casual Mom Outfits left over from the end of December. And yes, these were worn on a weekend, spending time with Vivian, around the house, grocery-shopping, at the local coffee shop, etc. And as you can tell from the last few weeks I have done my share of Plaid and Leopard lately. I love both of these Patterns so much and I am happy to wear more Plaid and Leopard like in today's post. Happy TGIF everyone!
Here I wore some comfy Black Jersey Leggings with my go-to Booties - the Black Leather pair I added to my closet last Fall. I layered my Red Buffalo Button-down with a 3/4-Sleeve Cream Sweatshirt which has a Floral Lace front part. It is hard to say but it has a large number printed on the front over the lace, making it a little more Sporty. I dressed it all up with a Silver Statement Necklace.
Cream, Lace-front, 3/4-Sleeve Sweatshirt: Sublevel (very similar, love this), (similar, great deal), (similar, gorgeous option), (tunic option w/ lace trim, best deal, love this).
Black, Thin, Cotton-Stretch Leggings: White House Black Market (exact), (very similar).
Fuchsia, Pave, Little Globe Studs: c/o a Local Accessories Boutique (New) (similar by American Apparel, best deal, love these), (similar oval studs, great deal), (similar flower studs by Betsey Johnson, love these).

After styling this Snow Leopard Sweater for work paired with Plaid and my Hunter Green Corduroy Blazer (worn sometime in December), I decided to wear it casually with some Blue Denim (Jeans and Vest). I layered my Teal Metallic Infinity Scarf from Express and wore my Black+Blue Patent Leather Oxfords with it.
Blue Medium-Wash, Boot-cut "Noir" Blue Jeans: White House Black Market (current option by WHBM, best deal), (similar option by WHBM, great deal, love these), (gorgeous option by Rag & Bone, on sale).
Skinny, Faux Leather, Magenta Python Headband: Express.
Fuchsia, Pave, Little Globe Studs: c/o a Local Accessories Boutique (New) (similar by American Apparel, best deal, love these), (similar oval studs, great deal), (similar flower studs by Betsey Johnson, love these).

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pinspired: Leopard, Blue Denim and Black.

I have been so addicted to Pinterest especially in the last couple of months that I have been pinning away and pinning away. There is so much great fashion, so many stylish inspirations and so many great blogs out there. What I need to do more of is actually re-create some of these outfits that truly fit my style and for which I already have the items in my own closet. So when AUDREY of Putting Me Together announced some fun fashion challenges this month (one weekly) I decided to follow some of "her rules" and do these challenges whenever I could.  This week is all about re-creating an outfit you pinned. So, just recently I pinned this outfit (which you see below on the collage) from Fancy Stuff and Pretty Things, and I of course had all the pieces to re-create it and wear it to work. Ashley has great style and she is a Michigander (my second home).
So, couldn't I think of this outfit of my own? It is simple enough plus black, leopard and blue denim are of course all neutrals. The truth is, Ashley thought of it first and I am glad I saw it and was able to wear it on my own. I wore this just a couple of days ago to work and got many compliments on it, also. I have had my Beautiful Leopard Pencil Skirt for a long while and hadn't worn it (shuffled/lost in my huge piles of clothes I tell you). And I hadn't noticed until I wore it that the leopard spots have a little white in them, making them a little more unique. I did tuck in my turtleneck especially since mine is a thin jersey/cotton type (great for layering). Ashley's might be a Turtleneck Sweater but it looks just as good un-tucked. And our denim jackets are almost the same wash. My tights are not quite simple and as opaque as Ashley's, mine actually are in a subtle spider-print, I guess if I carried a black leather bag and wore my black Rayban glasses, it would have been an exact copy of the outfit I pinned to re-create. Anyway, I liked how mine came out and it is totally my style and something I could wear to my laid-back office job. What do you think? Have you worn this combination before?
For the outerwear part I did also wear this Beautiful Leopard Scarf with the pops of Fuchsia (it even has 2 large Fuchsia Hearts on each side, on the front).
Black, Thin Jersey-Stretch, Long-Sleeve Turtleneck: Express (very similar by Ralph Lauren, love this), (very similar), (long-sleeve, ribbed option by VS, best deal, love this).
Green, Gold & Yellow, Oval-shaped Crystal, Long Necklace: A Random Boutique (very similar, best deal), (gorgeous option in blues+purples, love this), (similar, comes in several pastel colors, great deal, love this).
Light, Breezy, Viscose-blend Leopard Scarf w/ Large Fuchsia Hearts on the front & Fuchsia Edges: A Random Boutique (very similar), (similar in snow leopard by Echo, love this), (similar, infinity style, best deal, love this).
Off-Black, Spider-Print Opaque Tights: H&M.

Also, for The Creative Closet link-up next week, the prompt is called "Mirror Image". Basically wear an outfit similar or inspired by one you have pinned. I am linking up with Jana and Maegen with this.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Valentine's Work Outfit Ideas.

I wore these work outfits to work sometime last week, keeping in mind that Valentine's Day is coming soon. I wanted to show you 2 (very) subtle ways of how to dress for work with a little nod to Love or VDay. These are two simple but chic Work Outfits that have some type of Valentine's Day detailing to them. =) 
Both times I am wearing some type of Pencil Skirt and a Blouse as a Top. Once I layered with a Blazer and once with a Cardigan. Another thing each outfit has in common is Textures. With the first Outfit (below) there are Sequins on the Cardigans, Chiffon and Silk on the tiers of the Blouse/Shell, the Skirt is Ruched, the Tights are also Textured and Printed. In the second Outfit, I am wearing my Tuxedo Blazer which has a Faux Leather Lapel, paired with the Mixed-Media Heart Blouse and a Corduroy Skirt.
First, I want to apologize in advance for all the photos featuring this first outfit. They came out really dark and grainy. I need to invest on a pro camera. Gosh, I wish they didn't cost so much! So, I titled this Outfit "A Little Pink, a Little Floral".  Pink, little dots and floral are all a little romantic and a little Valentine-y (I just made up that word). It is about time I wore this tiered, light pink/coral little shell. It is cute, no? And about time I wear this lovely, ruched pencil skirt which has little dots and a subtle floral print in it. Last but not least a few sequins splattered on my cardigan. And to top it off I have on a twisted, beaded statement necklace (almost the exact shade as my blouse) and a hot pink watch.
Black, Ruched Pencil Skirt w/ Tan tiny Polka Dots & a Flower Print: White House Black Market (similar, scuba, floral pencil skirt by Express, love this), (gorgeous option by Bisou Bisou, best deal, love this), (similar in rose print, great deal).
Black Beaded Bracelet w/ Pearl, Crystal & Coin Charms: White House Black Market (very similar, great deal, love this), (similar, love this), (fun option w/ Domo beads, best deal).
Hot Pink, Patent Leather Strap Watch w/ Silver Rhinestone Face & 2 Pink Rhinestone, Floating Hearts inside: An Accessories Boutique in Albania (very similar), (similar Hello Kitty, best deal),(similar, Kate Spade option, love this).
Gold-Tone, Turtle Cocktail Ring w/ Pave, tiny Coral Stones: Christmas Gift (gorgeous option in green by Kenneth Jay Lane, love this), (beautiful tortoise option by Kenneth Jay Lane, great deal).
Pink Bow Hair Tie w/ White Polka Dots: Random Street Vendor.
Off-Black, Spider-Print Opaque Tights: H&M.

I am titling this Outfit "Hearts and Cognac". It is hard to tell but my B+W Blouse is printed with hearts not dots. This Cognac/Brick Blazer with the Faux Leather Lapel was one of my favorite purchases of last Fall and I am glad to wear it again after pairing it with my Blanket Plaid Burberry Scarf . The Blazer mixes well with my Cognac Boots and Olive Corduroy Pencil Skirt (love those buttons on the front). My Black Beaded Necklace has a pop of Blue via the Navy and Sky Blue Beads here and there. I wore my Matchy Earrings and Bracelet from White House Black Market and another Work Outfit was under way.
Rust/Brick Open-front Blazer w/ Black Faux Leather Lapel: H&M (Gifted from my Brother) (New) (similar, love this), (gorgeous mocha, velvet option, the Schoolboy style by J.Crew), (very similar in Gray Tweed & Faux Black Leather by Target, best deal, love this).
Forest Green, Corduroy Skirt w/ Metallic Buttons (Down the Front): Calliope (very similar, best deal, love this), (similar), (gorgeous option in Magenta, great deal, love this).
Long Black Beaded Necklace w/ Crystal Navy & Sky Blue Beads: White House Black Market (similar, on sale, love this), (similar in black+gray, best deal), (this year's option by WHBM).
Beaded Drop Earrings w/ 1 Black & 1 Navy Crystal Stones: White House Black Market (similar by Kenneth Cole, great deal), (similar w/ faceted crystals by Kenneth Cole, best deal, love these), (similar by JC Penney, best deal).
Black Beaded Bracelet w/ Pearl, Crystal & Coin Charms: White House Black Market (very similar, great deal, love this), (similar, love this), (fun option w/ Domo beads, best deal).
Gold-Tone, Frog Cocktail Ring w/ Pave, tiny Coral Stones: Christmas Gift (gorgeous option in green by Kenneth Jay Lane, love this), (beautiful tortoise option by Kenneth Jay Lane, great deal).
Off-Black, Spider-Print Opaque Tights: H&M.
Tall Cognac Boots w/ Chunky Heels & Buckle detail on the top of the shaft: Payless (similar, great deal, love these), (gorgeous option by Clarks, Splurge), (similar @ Macy's, come in 3 color options, love these).