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100th Post Celebration: Focus on Elegance!!!

Hello and Happy Thursday!! Today is another gorgeous, bright, sunny, happy day (despite the fact that I lost a tooth: yep that just happened.) I had a loose tooth (towards the back of my mouth) for a while now and it finally got lost altogether, while I was chewing today. It doesn't look bad at all since my other teeth hide it (it's the 1st tooth before the last one) but at some point I am going to have to replace it. Thank God dentists don't cost an arm and a leg in Albania, like they do in USA, but they are still a little pricey. However, May (the mere 3 days of it) has already been a super-expensive month for us. We are paying a lot more money for our new home and we had to purchase some house stuff. Plus I want to treat myself to somethings for my birthday (my list is a little long, but I have chosen to focus on brightly-colored bottoms for this month and make those my birthday present to myself). Plus it's my husband's birthday on Sunday and I am treating him …