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January 2014 Purchases.

On Saturday I reflected you on January 2014, my Favorite Posts, my Favorite Outfits, etc. I promised I would be back to let you know about my January Purchases. I had not posted my Purchases since May 2013. The reason why, is because it went downhill from there, meaning I spent a lot of money and purchased way too many things to blog about, especially once I went back to United States in July until early November. But, I had put aside money for my shopping in USA, and on top of that my relatives gave me some money to buy myself some things. So, I went on several shopping sprees at Gap, Old Navy, JC Penney, Kohl's & Forever 21 mostly. While I got a lot of fun things and things I didn't need, I also filled up some "holes" in my closet of items I wanted or had to buy. For example I finally purchased my Chambray Shirts: a Light-Colored one, a Dark-Colored one, a Popover, a Polka Dot one and an Anchor one. Other wants/needs I purchased were a B+W Striped Tee Dress, a …