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Dress Week: Gray+White Stripes for me with a Touch of Red, White+Blue for Viv.

Hard to believe that today is June 30th which means the year is half-way over. Today is also the quarter-of-a-century Birthday of my first Cousin Gloria. Her mom is my mom's sister and Gloria is like a little sister to me. She is a great auntie to Vivian also so I wish her a Fabulous, Fantastic Birthday today as she celebrates it all week long on vacation with her fiance, parents and brother in Myrtle Beach (lucky her).

I am starting a Dress Week this week where I will be showing you New, never-seen-before Dresses. Since this week also marks the week of Independence Day and America's Birthday, a lot of my Outfits will be inspired by this Great Country and will have that Classy Americana, Nautical feel. Vivian has been making many absences on the blog lately. I tried to take some photos of her recently when I got dressed so you will see her in Dresses and Rompers, too.

We start off the week with a Simple, Super Casual T-Shirt Dress. I purchased it before the start of Summer last…

May 2014 Reflections and Top 3 Looks.

This post is coming a lot later than usual, but I have had a very busy June. The blog has been taking more of a backseat these last couple of weeks. I happen to think that despite the days being longer, we are busier in the Summer. I also recapped my 30 for 30 challenge late. So anyway, better late than never.

In May, I posted 24 times, which give or take it means I took a whole week off from blogging - much necessary. (As I have mentioned before, I try not to let blogging make me tired and I rarely schedule posts ahead due to time.) Not counting the 3 Outfits (left over) from the 30 for 30 challenge, I showed you guys 22 Outfits, and there were 4 two-fer posts. There were 3 posts where I didn't show any OOTDs at all. Vivian made some appearances but not as many as before. It is hard taking photos of here lately. She is always running around. We had a few cold days in May so you saw the last of my Sweaters and Boots in a couple of Outfits. When the weather started warming up you s…

Office Job Interview Outfit and Thoughts.

How do you dress for your office job? Is it a more relaxed type of office or do you always have to wear dressy slacks, pencil skirts, pumps, blouses and suits? How about for an office job interview, what would you wear? A couple of weeks ago I attended a small job fair where they were conducting short interviews for corporate, office jobs. There were about 20 of us (only 3 males) and almost every single lady was wearing a Black Pencil Skirt with a White Blouse tucked in and either Black or Nude Pumps. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that ensemble - it is always polished and classy - it has been done a million times, before. It is not very original, it is totally expected for a job interview (especially a first interview) and I don't think it shows the woman's personality at all. I can be wrong in my thinking but that's my opinion and I am sticking to it. I'd love to discuss this with you though so let me know what you think, in the comments. Thanks.

What I…

Black, White and Leopard Pump.

You can never, ever go wrong wearing Black+White. It is Classic, Timeless, Super Versatile, Easy, Sexy, Classy!! And of course you can always count on White House Black Market to have beautiful solid Black, solid White or Black+White Printed Clothes, just like this Skirt from my last post, which you all loved. =) The top, leggings, blazer and jewelry from today's post is all from there. If I would have worn my Leopard Calf-hair Ballet Flats instead of these Leopard Pumps, it would have been a head to toe WHBM Look. Which has happened a few times since I own a lot of clothes, jewelry, shoes and even some bags from there. They have beautiful things - check them out!! (And no, this post isn't sponsored by WHBM, I wish.) A pop of Red Lip to go with those Leopard Pumps, Pink Gucci Sunglasses and a Coral Crystal Chevron Hair Clip were my splashes of Color for this Black+White Monochromatic Look. What do you think? How often do you wear Black and White together? Do you love it?

Mom Wear to Work Wear: Nude-Colored Tank Top.

I didn't mean to not post Monday and bring you this post very late on this Tuesday but I had to catch up with some rest most importantly, and the other hours of the day were spent with Vivian. Before I knew it, time slipped away. And as I mentioned in my Real Blogger Beauty post, I rarely schedule posts ahead. I have no time for that. Also, thanks to all of you who stop by to read, comment, advise. I am very behind with my blog-reading but I will blog-hop this week and try to catch up a little. Today's post was supposed to be yesterday's post, actually. Better late than never, right?

Every other Monday, I will bring you two Outfits featuring the same item of clothing first in a Mommy Outfit and then create a Work Outfit using at least one of the pieces as the first outfit. Sometimes the entire Outfit might be the same, I'll just use different accessories and shoes. I am doing this to show myself and you the versatility of my clothes by remixing them more. I have worn/wi…