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Thursday Moda #6 and Floral Pixie Pants.

Happy Hump Day Everyone! I am throwing you off today because Thursday Moda is on a Wednesday. That is because tomorrow I am the co-host for Thursday Fashion Files with Jill and Carrie. But look at me, I got some pretty Floral Pixie Pants on and another Marled Tee. Yet another outfit from Old Navy.
I didn't mean to show you two Boyfriend style Old Navy marled tees, two days in a row. However the Heather Gray one from yesterday is actually even more oversized and it is seamed down the front in the middle. This one has a tiny chest pocket and no front seam. This Heather Lilac Tee paired so well with the White Lily Pixie Pants from Old Navy. I bought these pants in early Fall last year and have worn them with a white short-sleeve sweater, gray graphic tee and an off-white blouse so far, though none of those outfits were documented. I really wanted to wear these side-cut tassel booties and that day was warm so I wore them. I even painted my toes and they are in a matte serenity (almost …