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Thursday Moda #62 and Birthday Blog Party pt. 1.

Once upon a time, about a year after I started my blog, I decided (for fun) to do a Blog Birthday Party here on my space on the web. It started back in 2013 when my daughter was born and perhaps I started it because I was in a rut as a new mom with many sleepless nights and usually my style was very casual and very comfortable so dressing up for my birthday (for the blog) felt right. And I felt like me - since I love dresses first and foremost and everyone knows how much I love dressing up. This is the 5th year I am continuing this traditionwith my Blog Birthday Party, where besides myself I gather several of my blogging buddies and fashionistas I admire and we dress up as if we were all attending my birthday. Over the last three years or so, the party has extended two days, usually on my birthday eve - May 3rd, and the day of my birthday - May 4th. Today I got 10 of my blogging friends joining me for a celebration and tomorrow I will have 10 more (check them all out below below)! You…