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Saturday is for Vivian: Celebrating Grandma's Birthday.

Since Vivian was born on January 19th 2013, pretty much every single one of her 1st Holidays or 1st Celebrations fell on this year for her. It would have been different if she was born in let's say in Summer. She celebrated her first Day of Spring, her first Easter, her first Independence Day, her first Halloween,  her first Thanksgiving, her Grandpa's Birthday for the first time, her Grandma's Birthday for the first time and so forth and so on. She will also celebrate her first Christmas and her first New Year's very soon, before this year is over.
A couple of weeks ago it was my Mother in Law's Birthday where we headed to the newest Mexican Restaurant in town. I am sharing this week with you some photos of Vivian and us from the day.  The blonde girl is my Sister-in-law, the other lady and the older Gentleman are my Husband's Parents. The Handsome guy who looks just like Vivian is My Husband - Her Dad. =) Thanks for reading. Enjoy! And have a Great Weekend - w…