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Yolo Black and White Halter!

You guys I am having a case of the Mondays. Why do they always feel so busy at work, they drag your heart and uninspire you? Well after my busy work Monday, on my way home (and on his way home), I met up my hubby at a cafe/bar for a coffee. Well he got coffee, I got 'salep', it's a warm herbal, hearty drink, from a characteristic Albanian plant that grows in the mountains. On my way to meet them I had purchased cookies, so we shared some of those as well. His work day was also frustrating and tiresome. After going to bed real late last night, as we got home around 6.30-6.45 PM, we both took a nap and boy did we fell asleep. We were so tired that I took off today's outfit and jewelry and took no photos. I remembered this later, so after waking up, I wore said outfit again (no makeup) and took some pics. What we do for Fashion Blogging, hmm? LOL I woke up around 9.00 PM and I am currently making a simple, yummy, beef broth soup with vegetables, why husband is still sleep…

Black, White and Yellow for a Visible Monday!!

Hello guys. Is it Monday yet? Where did an entire week flew by and even weirder, where did half of September go? Considering how I vacationed the first week of September and last week after coming back to work, I was quite busy at my office, it did seem to me like September has flown by. Though I hope the next months till I give birth, go by fast for me. I do want to enjoy every single day of my pregnancy and not rush anything. But at the same time I cannot wait till I get to meet and hold my baby. =)

So yesterday on a Sunday spent home, after waking up late and washing the dishes, I went on Blogger. I plan to post an OOTD earlier in the day (late morning) and one in the evening. I did some reading and catching up on blogs and by the time I was ready to post my own, our Internet shut down. Our Internet was down all day so you got no posts from me yesterday. I am posting from work this Monday morning and it might have to be a two-in-one day of posts, since I am behind several outfits. …