Friday, June 8, 2018

Poetry - Happier.

Wrote this a few days ago and I loved the metaphors I used. Hope you like it. The message behind this one is a real good one: Happiness. There is so much crap that happens to all of  us on a daily basis. Of course, some people have it worse than others but still. No matter what happens, we still want happiness, seek happiness, need happiness, are in a never-ending journey to find happiness. Some of us are lucky enough to find it and some aren't. Our journeys aren't the same but our purposes are!!

(June 4th 2018, 11.30 PM)

Jack didn't know that his Rose would survive the Titanic
just like his love survived the deep blue sea,
my heart didn't know that one day it would heal,
and all of a sudden a rainbow would appear and make it happier...

The lips would twirl again and create a smile,
the eyes would stop the tears and get dry,
the cheeks would get rosy from the sound of a voice,
the days would feel sweeter as I felt happier...

The feet would dance to the sound of a happy love song,
a beautiful, sexy tango would start between two,
two warm bodies would create magic, make love,
kisses would rapture into the sun that made them happier...

Just like Leonardo Di Caprio, his heart would beat for her and only her,
his woman, his girl, his lady, his lover, his babe,
the one who made him laugh, the one he woke up from a Wintery season,
the one he brought the smile back to, the one he made happier...