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Pinned It and Did It: Geometric Black+White Pants with Button-down and Sweater.

This week, I did a Pinspired re-creation from an Outfit worn by KATE of A Journey in Style, look for it in this post. I have "copied" Kate before with a Similar Look of Hot Pink Pants, Button-down & Sweater. This is an Outfit Formula that Kate has mastered and I'd like to re-create more Outfits like these, soon. Kate and I have almost identical B+W Geometric Pants w/ a Diamond-Print. Coincidentally, Kate wore these Pants yesterday. Also yesterday, Sweet Skylette wore these Pants with Yellow creating a Gorgeous Dressy Outfit.

I have worn my B+W Geometric Pants from H&M many times already, even re-mixed them 6 times in December. And like I mentioned yesterday on my blog, these pants look great with a Chambray Shirt. Mine are not cropped but I tucked them in for this Spring-forward Outfit. I don't have a Coral Sweater like Kate's but my Light Pink one worked out great. I also wore Pink in honor of RENAE of Simple Sequins. I do love that Cozy Waffle Sweater t…