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Red and Black in Plaid.

Hahaa, don't you like how I rhymed the title!? I basically described this Chiffon Blouse from bebe, which I love. I remember getting a lot of compliments the day I wore this outfit. I actually quite love this blouse and have had it in my closet for at least 2 years but would you believe it if I tell you, this is the first and only time I have worn it so far? That's a problem with a clotheshorse like myself. I own A TON of stuff, half of which I have never worn... YET! Do you fashionistas have this similar problem as I do? And once again I love skirts & dresses with pockets. Gap had some cute stuff in their 2011 collections and this is one of their pieces. ;-)

Red & Black, Plaid-Printed, Ruffly, Girly, Silk Blouse:Bebe. Red Stretchy Nylon Camisole w/ Lace Trim:White House Black Market. Knee-Length, Pleated, Black Skirt w/ Front Pockets:Gap. Tiny, Silver, Globe Studs:Fred's Jewelry. Black & Silver, Sparkly & Stretchy, Bobble Bracelet (Right Hand):Purchased at a B…

And it Goes Around like a Spider-Web.

Hi all, how was your Saturday? I woke up kind of late, did some laundry, ate breakfast, did some grocery shopping, took a nap, prepared lunch, ate lunch with my honey. Then we both went to bed to read our current books. After, I took a shower and got dolled up for a date with my husband. First we went to our local Cafe-Bar (on the bottom level of the building where our home is located), he had coffee, I had a juice cocktail. Later we did some walking around, checking out new places. We finally settled at a Villa type of restaurant where we sat outside, at their gorgeous patio. We had a light dinner consisting of Sautee Mussels, Fish Soup & Grilled Greek Cheese and finishing with Ice Cream. The whole time we were serenaded by a piano player and by a violin player, located right next to our table. And not just any violin player: the best and oldest violin player currently living in Albania. That man is amazing and so very talented. I took a day off from Facebook, E-Mail & Bloggi…