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The Holiday Series: What to Wear for a Holiday Wedding, a Multi-Blogger Collaboration.

Today is the 4th installment of "The Holiday Series" - a Holiday-themed Multi-Blogger Collaboration among myself and a dozen ore of my blogging friends. Today there are ten of us sharing Holiday Wedding Looks. And I couldn't help but notice (look at the collage right below) how the majority of us chose to wear black. Black is great anytime and perfect for any special occasion and I happen to think black is a great color to wear to a Winter or Holiday/December Wedding, though I usually stay away from black at weddings in other seasons. I also noticed that most of us wore pumps. Pumps are the best, most classic kind of shoe to wear for a dressy event. I love that a couple of these beauties chose pants/jumpsuit instead of a LBD. Gorgeous Kellyann even chose a Black Velvet Dress too, you can never go wrong with a wrap dress. The adorable Chrissy (I love her hair up)  and classic Christine paired skirts with pretty, dressy tops. I also love how Chrissy and Whitney stand out i…