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Week's Best Looks: November 25th 2012.

Welcome to the 4th installment of My "Week's Best Looks". How was your week so far? How did you celebrate Thanksgiving? Did you do any shopping this weekend and how was the weekend?

This week in general was light in outfit posts, in the Blogging world. It's understandable, since most people relaxed, cooked and a lot of you were off so comfy house clothes were indeed worn. I was still able to find some beautiful outfits from this week though. These 6 ladies managed to do something unique, pretty, fashionable and what I like, this week. 3 of the faces are new to this feature while the other 3 are stylish ladies you have seen before. =) I hope you like what I choose and that you too, take inspiration from all this week's looks.

This Week's Lovely Looks include (from top to bottom, left to right):
Aulonamixes her Browns and her Leathers (skirt, purse & booties) with a Retro, Eyelet, White Blouse, Trendy Military Blazer and Dark Tights. As always her Jewelry mat…