Monday, December 3, 2012

Navy Trench Dress with Some Pink Stripes.

It is Monday. I close up at work today (working afternoon/evening shifts this week). It has been rainy, windy & cold all day. I didn't feel at all like coming to work. Traffic was extremely horrible and it took me twice as long on the bus, but thankfully I made it in the nick of time, to work. Need I say more? LOL These are all reasons I am real late with OOTD Posting today. That and I lost time reading/catching up on the tens of blogs I read, daily. =)

I am not sure I like this outfit. It was sort of a fail. The grainy photos don't help either. What do you think? I purchased this Trench Shirt-Dress towards January of this year and this was my first time ever wearing it. It sort of has an A-line style so I figured it could be somewhat forgiving for my belly. Grant it, it fit but it was snug. I remember it was quite cold that day, almost as cold as today, so that is why I wore these Ugg-inspired boots. They sort of made the look frumpy I think. I like the T-shirt and the colors underneath but overall I am not loving this. Do you post all of your outfits, even the not-so-good ones or the ones you are not so sure of?

Navy, Trench Stye, Double-Breasted, Shirtdress w/ Military Button Detail: T Box.
Hot Pink & Metallic Gold, Comfortable, Stretchy, Long-Sleeve, Stripped Tee: Express.
Silver Chain Necklace w/ Small, Black, Semi-Precious Stone: Fred's Jewelry.
Plastic, Yellow, Circle, Post Earrings: Fred's Jewelry.
Magenta & Black, Python-Print, Skinny Headband: Express.
Thick, Wool, Beige Tights: Golden Point.
Off-Black, Cozy, Leather Boots w/ Winter White Faux Fur Inside: Skechers.
P.S. I am linking up for Visible Mondays, once again like Every Monday. Check out what Patti wore to her Nephew's Wedding. =)