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Dress Week: Red Stripes for Me and Denim+Pink Flowers for Vivian.

First of all thank you to all of you who were concerned about me from the last post. I appreciate all the comments and E-Mails I received from you. I had a second visit at the doctor's today and she could see quite a bit of improvement and healing. Those ear-drops have done a miracle thus far. However she said the entire healing process will take about a month and I have to put on little ear-plugs too, when I shower. I have 5 more days of meds and antibiotics and on Tuesday I am due in for a third check-up. I am still in some pain, but nothing compared to what it was 3 days ago.

As I am typing this I realize that it is July 31st today which means August is the only full Summer month left. My third New Dress this week is another piece from H&M (see the other dresses 1 and 2). It just happens to be that way, because I have added a lot of new pieces from H&M this year, actually. I am finally wearing this Versatile+Flirty Red Striped Dress in a Fit+Flare Style, which was actua…